I love to create mixed art on canvas and it’s no secret that Powertex products are my favourites. As a Powertex tutor I’ve tried lots of different types of projects. These are my Three Top Tips for using Powertex to create great mixed media art.

Mixed Media Powertex canvas by Kore Sage

Powertex Mixed Media Canvas by Kore Sage

A note about using Powertex in mixed media

If mixed media art is all about using different materials together then using Powertex means you can add some serious ingredients! It’s a fabric hardener, paint and powerful adhesive. Don’t be afraid to use unusual items such as sand, metal parts or even plastic toys but remember Powertex works best with natural materials.

1. Play and experiment

Experimenting is essential to finding what you love. It’s risky. We make things we don’t like, we can feel disappointed or worry that we’ve wasted supplies.

Know that every artist, ever, did this. The trick is to learn something. Learn which colours don’t work for you, (I hate everything I ever made in green!). Learn which materials don’t suit you, (pastels make me itch). Learn which textures make you happy, (Rusty Powder anyone?).

Play with your supplies rather than trying to create a masterpiece every time.

On this canvas I used Terracotta Powertex and 3d Sand for the first time. I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate the sand or the colours. I went back later and added more details until I was happier with it.

Powertex canvas art by Kore Sage

Terracotta Powertex and Sand


2. Use what you love

Use your favourite colours, materials and textures in your art to make it truly yours. It will be more fun to create and other people can connect with you because they see what they love too. This is how you start to make art that people know is yours.

Find other Rusty Powder fans or people who adore your upcycled Barbies. Whatever it is, use what you love, do what you love and enjoy the process of making.

Insignia Powertex canvas by Kore Sage

I love Rusty Powder and Blue Bister and I’m not alone

3. Add contrast

Adding contrast is a way to boost a piece that lacks a bit of magic. This is just about making something stand out. Mixed media art makes it fun because we are always adding new layers.

If your art feels a bit flat, try adding contrast. This is what makes your art interesting. When building up your layers use pieces and textured areas of different sizes. Try adding metallic highlights on a matt black layer or put tiny textures next to large ones. Use white highlights in dark areas.

This small canvas mostly uses black and white Powertex to create contrast when added at the end it has some tiny textures too.

Powertex and mixed media canvas by Kore Sage

Use black and blue ink to add contrast

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful for creating your own mixed media Powertex art. There’s so many techniques with Powertex that it can be hard to pin down your favourites. Start simple and try something you’re drawn to.

Here’s a few ideas for supply lists based on your preferred projects if your new to Powertex.

There is also another article here about using Powertex for mixed media art that you might find useful.

If you’re wondering what this Powertex stuff is, then you might want to read this!

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Jill Cullum · 19th May 2019 at 6:54 pm

Great advice. It’s hard to key go and just go with it sometimes. But that’s how we learn who we are.

    Kore · 19th May 2019 at 7:30 pm

    Yes it really is hard to let go and trust ourselves. We have so much potential though!

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