May 2021 at the art table

On the art table in May I’ve been painting for the Curious Tales series to take to the gallery and to share with my Instagram followers. I’m still loving these ocean blues and purples. I also wrote a blog about the importance of taking care of our mental health and how making art and crafts can be so helpful.

On my art table in May 2021 are two small mixed media on canvas abstract paintings in blue and purple

Balancing current art with new ideas

When a new idea comes along I want to run with it! Sometimes it’s the latest shiny thing that catches my attention and sometimes I have an idea related to what I’m creating. The temptation is always there for me to keep moving but I also need to finish what I’ve started and take it to its natural end.

So I have made some new small canvases for the Curious Tales series. I’ve refined the process and now it feels a bit… comfortable. It can feel good to keep making art when it flows easily but I also want to challenge myself and learn new things. This can mean working on the current art in new ways but that’s not easy when there’s an expectation to create more of the same.

Side projects are a way of managing this pull of interests that gets the work done and allows a bit of creative freedom. Sometimes these other interests turn into new creative connections and ideas for future projects.

So what’s new?

One of my side projects is exploring simple continuous line drawings of faces. This idea has come from some personal art journaling. These drawings are loose, fast and the intention is to draw simple but expressive faces with continuous mark making. Some of these sketches can be included in the handmade slip books I’ve been making.

The handmade books are simple but fun and I’ve been taking inspiration from handmade “zines”.

In the sketchbook

I have a stack of favourite A5 sketchbooks that I’ve been using for several years as general journals. They contain everything from to-do lists to personal journaling to detailed sketches. The paper is a cream, textured cartridge paper. It’s not heavy enough for paint but it’s great for pen, ink and some markers. I’ve found them really good for sketching with biros and ball point pens. I keep an Inkjoy pen tucked into the elastic and often pick it up in the evening to scribble in. This is where the continuous line drawings started as you can see in this video. I now have a book put aside just for these simple drawings! I’ll reveal more of this later.

Powertex art

The Powertex supplies continue to be packed away on a shelf while I work on other art pieces. Download the tutorials instantly from the Etsy shop. There’s instruction for beginners as well as artists and crafters who have used Powertex before. If you’re new to Powertex products find out more here.

On the bookshelf

I’ve barely touched the book pile this month but I’m creating a page of my favourite books from art basics to mixed media inspirations. What would you put on your essential art and craft book list?

Until next month from my May art table,

Kore x

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Mr. J · 30th May 2021 at 9:49 pm

I love this fast and loose playground for ideas! I must take a leaf from your book in that regard.

I did notice the “blink and you miss them” sneaky self portraits. Wow! They are good.

    Kore · 31st May 2021 at 1:38 pm

    Thank you Mr. J I appreciate that! Hopefully the self portraits will develop into something meaningful 🙂

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