What is Powertex?

It’s used in mixed media projects of all kinds from garden fairy houses and figure sculptures to paintings and jewellery. But what exactly is it? Here are 10 things about Powertex to help answer that:

Powertex row of fairy houses

Powertex row of fairy houses

  1. Powertex is water-based
  2. and non-toxic
  3. and also environmentally friendly
  4. A Universal Medium that can be used to sculpt fabric
  5. A liquid that can be used to harden natural fibers, textiles, paper, card, leather and fiberglass
  6. It can be combined with Stone Art powder to make an air drying clay
  7. It comes in a variety of colours as well as transparent
  8. It’s adhesive for use with sand, stone, plaster, wood and metal (for example) in mixed media projects, canvases, sculptures, jewellery making and much more
  9. It’s a brilliant way to upcycle old fabrics and just about anything else
  10. It can be used to create weatherproof art such as garden ornaments and signs
Mixed media canvas with Powertex

Mixed media canvas with Powertex

I know, it’s a lot to take in! I mean is there anything it doesn’t do? So yes, there are some things it doesn’t do well. It is a fabric hardener so it might not wash out of your clothes. Powertex will peel off plastic and can be tricky on glass but there are ways around that. Knowing that it doesn’t stick to plastic can be used to your advantage, using plastic tools for example.

Getting started with Powertex

Old bottles get the Powertex treatment

Old bottles get the Powertex treatment

A good place to start is with some simple fabric wrapping around an object. A bottle or jar from the recycling works well for this. Grab some cotton fabric, maybe an old cotton t-shirt and a few fabric or paper textures from your stash. Use Powertex to wrap, drape and sculpt the fabric around your base. The fabric will set where it dries. After a few hours it will be dry enough to paint or dry brush and after 3 weeks completely hardened. There’s a few ideas for beginner projects here and here. It’s easy to create really impressive results even as a beginner. If sculpture seems too much to start, have a practice on a canvas first and see for yourself how easy it is to make beautiful textures.


Experimenting with other Powertex products

Powertex can be used for a variety of projects and when combined with other Powertex products such as Stone Art, Colortricx pigments and Bister sprays the possibilities are even greater. It can also be used with your existing art supplies and is great for upcycling just about anything; jars, bottles, flower pots, fabric, packaging, ceramics and more.

If you’d like to know more about how to use Powertex check out my blogs, the Powertex UK blogs or head to the Powertex UK website to see more Powertex creations and get yourself a bottle of the good stuff! There are Powertex tutors all over the UK if you’d like to join a workshop too, see the Tutor section of their website.


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