What is Powertex?

Powertex Universal Medium is a fabric hardener, paint and strong adhesive in one product. It’s part of a range of products used in mixed media art, craft and sculpture which includes texture products and powder pigments. These are combined to create unique structured art.

New to Powertex? Start with 10 things about Powertex.

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How to use Powertex Universal Medium

Browse the blog for techniques and tutorials, download free guides for beginners or find tutorials and eBooks for using these products in your mixed media art and crafts. View my Powertex art gallery for some inspiration.

Powertex art by Kore Sage showing different Powertex techniques

The Powertex blog guides and eBooks range from basics for beginners to the more advanced techniques that I use to create my own Powertex art. I am a Certified Powertex tutor and I'd love you to show you how to create your own unique art.

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Powertex Bister art
Powertex art and craft supplies
Powertex fairy houses Kore Sage


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