Powertex art by Kore Sage

All the projects in this gallery have been created by Kore Sage using Powertex products.

Powertex mini mixed media art with Starfish by Kore Sage
Powertex and Rusty powder mixed media mini art
Powertex art with Rusty Powder and Blue Bister
Powertex rust art by Kore Sage
Powertex textures
Powertex and rust art
Textured art triptych with Bister
Powertex art doll by Kore Sage
Powertex sand and Bister art by Kore Sage
Powertex fairy house
Powertex art
Sand and wood textured art, Powertex by Kore Sage
Powertex and Bister art
Powertex Rusty Powder
Rust and Bister art by Kore Sage
Powertex and Bister art by Kore Sage
View from the top by Kore Sage, Mixed media Powertex original art
Autumn wreath with Powertex
Powertex art Adur Art Trail
Stone art and Powercolor art
Powertex goblets
Skulls mixed media
Rainbow fairy houses
Powertex and Rust art

What is Powertex?

Powertex Universal Medium is a liquid fabric hardener used in mixed media art and sculpture. Use as a paint, adhesive and binder with a variety of natural materials for unique texture and structural effects. The range of products includes dry texture mediums and powder pigments. Powertex Universal Medium is available in a range of colours that are weatherproof when cured. I’m a Powertex tutor and get my supplies from¬†Powertex UK.

All of the pieces in my Powertex art gallery have been created with Powertex Universal Medium and many have been exhibited or created for the Powertex UK Design Team. Some pieces were featured as samples for Powertex shows on HOCHANDA tv 2018-19.