Help yourself to these free digital downloads and guides to using Powertex Universal Medium

NEW! Getting Unstuck and Getting Started with Powertex – The Basics – How to Use Powertex Universal Medium

How to use Powertex Universal Medium

This free 2 page pdf download is for beginners to Powertex Universal Medium. It’s my quick guide to what Powertex is, what materials you can use and how to apply it. Whether you’re looking to create mixed media art on canvas, outdoor sculptures or anything in between, your basics are here. Includes my top tutor tips.



Download “How to use Powertex Universal Medium - Basics” Get-Unstuck-and-Get-Started-with-Powertex-v3-Comp.pdf – Downloaded 98 times – 258 KB

Getting Unstuck and Getting Started with Powertex – Craft project ideas

Free guide to Getting unstuck, free digital downloadPerfect for pinning up in your craft space, this poster is for Powertex artists and crafters overwhelmed by the possibilities of Powertex Fabric Hardener! Find a project for you to get started on with these ideas to spark your imagination.


Download “Powertex - Get unstuck and get started - Project ideas” Getting-Unstuck-and-Getting-Started-with-Powertex-v3.pdf – Downloaded 155 times – 604 KB

Powertex Quick Guide to Bister

Powertex quick guide to Bister by Kore Sage, free digital downloadThis 2 page quick guide has the basics you need to get started with Powertex Bister. Includes a supply list, basic instruction and my top tutor tips. Free to download, PDF.

The Powertex Masterclass in Bister eBook expands on these basics and is available in my Etsy store. This covers everything from Bister basics to a full photo tutorial to my signature Bister art.



Download “Powertex Quick Guide to Bister by Kore Sage” Powertex-Quick-Guide-to-Bister-by-Kore-Sage.pdf – Downloaded 105 times – 150 KB