Is your art for sale?

Some of my original art is available to buy in my Etsy shop. However, not all available items are listed here as they are costly to ship internationally. If you see a piece you like in my gallery that’s not in the shop, please contact me. Any events exhibiting my art are listed on Events and my Kore Sage Art Facebook page.

What is Powertex Universal Medium?

Powertex is a water-based fabric hardening medium. It’s a primer, paint, fabric hardener and strong adhesive. It’s used for sculpture, mixed media art, outdoor art and more. I’ve written a blog about Powertex that you can read here for more information on this versatile medium.

Where can I buy Powertex?

Here in the UK my main stockist is Powertex UK although some Powertex tutors and craft shops also hold stock. For outside of the UK, this list may be useful to you.

Do you teach your Powertex or mixed media classes online?

I have several free guides to Powertex for beginners and instructional digital downloads in my Etsy shop. Online video classes are currently in development.

Can I use your photos?

I love to share my art and the techniques I use but if you wish to use my photos please ask my permission using the contact form below. Thank you.

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