What is Powertex?

Powertex Universal Medium is sometimes known as Fabric Hardener although it’s usually shortened to Powertex. It is a liquid medium used in mixed media art, crafts and sculpture. If you have some in your supplies and want to know how to use it, go here.

Powertex mixed media products

It’s water based, non toxic and carries the AP safety seal. This makes it a great medium for all ages of artists and crafters to achieve brilliant results.

Mixed media canvas with embellishments by Kore Sage

What can I do with Powertex?

This medium was originally developed as a fabric hardener for sculpture. Use it for a variety of art and craft techniques, including textured art, outdoor sculpture and mixed media crafts. It works best with natural materials.

It is a strong adhesive that works well with heavy textures, sand, wood, metal, plaster and large embellishments.

Powertex is available in a range of mixable colours, so you can create base layers to suit your project.

Mixed media moonlit scene by Kore Sage

Make your artwork entirely from Powertex and natural materials then add colour with a variety of pigment products or acrylics, sprays and dry brushing techniques.

Powertex fairy houses by Kore Sage

How do I use Powertex for outdoor art and sculpture?

Create your project with natural materials and Powertex Universal Medium and leave it to dry thoroughly. Your project will be touch dry in a around 3 hours, hardened in 3 days and cured in 3 weeks.

Cure for approximately 3 weeks for outdoor projects to be weatherproof. Powertex is a great choice for creating sculpture, garden decor including furniture or artworks for outdoors.

Add colour with pigments, paints or mica but use a varnish to protect the colour. Powertex produce their own powder pigments and Easy Varnish for this purpose.

Powertex fairy houses Kore Sage

There’s a variety of mixable colours, (including transparent) and with a range of complementary products. (Note the original transparent medium is not weatherproof and requires a varnish for outdoor use.)

The Powertex product range

The product range includes mixed media textures and pigments such as Sand, Stone Art, Rusty Powder, Bister and Powercolor pigments.

I am a certified tutor and get my supplies from Powertex UK You can see the full product range there.

Powertex mixed media canvas by Kore Sage

Would you like to know more?

Find out more about using this versatile art and craft medium. There’s lots here for you so browse my blogs for beginners or visit my Etsy shop for downloadable instruction.


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