In July I got my hands on my first Powertex UK Secret Art Box. I was asked to create a project using the box for my Design Team blog. Firstly, I was really surprised how much was packed into the box.

Powertex Venetian Mask

I used just a few of the items to make this Venetian mask but there was plenty left for another smaller mask and to keep for later projects. This would be a great way to try Powertex Fabric Hardener for the first time or build up your supplies.

The themed box is a great starting point if you’re stuck for an idea. It had a great variety of mixed media items and the sample sizes of Powertex products were perfect. All these supplies for this project came from Powertex UK.

Powertex Venetian Mask from July Secret Art Box

Materials list

The contents of the July Secret Art Box. I also used Easy Coat Mat from my stash to apply the Rice Paper and Brown Bister spray to colour the Easy 3D Flex. I didn’t use the mould this time but I think this would work really well with some Stone Art clay.

Powertex Secret Art Box contents July 2019

How to make my Venetian Carnival Mask

Here’s a hyperlapse video of me making this mask. The project took about an hour to complete although I used a hairdryer to speed up the drying. 

Make the first layers

  • Paint the mdf mask with White Powertex to prepare it.
  • I added rice paper to one half of the mask using Easy Coat on the mdf and then over the top of the paper.
  • Mix up some Easy 3D Flex with White Powertex and drag it over the other half of the mask. Leave to dry.

Add mdf shapes

  • Paint the shapes and glue them in place with White Powertex.

Fabric textures

  • Use some of the lace coated in Powertex to create textures and flourishes.
  • I pinched a fan shape and rolled a trim into a flower shape.


  • When the Easy 3D Flex is dry and cracked, spray it generously with Brown Bister.
  • Also spray the fabric pieces.

Add colour

  • Use the Plum acrylic paint to add colour to the mdf flourishes as this will be the base colour.
  • Mix the Turquoise pigment with Easy Varnish for the edges of the mask.

Dry brushing metallics and turquoise

  • Add more colour to the to the mdf and fabric flourishes with the metallic pigment.
  • Mix with Easy Varnish.

Adding highlights

  • Adding highlights is simple with White Powertex. Use a damp flat paintbrush and gently apply to the raised areas.
  • I used the plaster flourish to add a white highlight to the other side.

Finishing touches

Add some of the tiny jewels for a bit of sparkle. You can also use Powertex and a little tshirt yarn to make a hanging hook for the back!

Powertex hanging hook

Powertex Venetian mask

You can also read my step by step tutorial for this project on the Powertex UK Mixed Media Magazine for July.

If you are looking for other Powertex projects to try, you can go here. Or if you are new to Powertex this page can help!