Powertex and glass

Search the internet for Powertex and glass and you will find lots of craft projects. These can be decorative vases, wine glasses or altered bottles. Other ideas include frames for mirrors, fairy houses made from jam jars and glass holders for LED candles. Craft projects like these are fun and make great gifts all year round.

How to use Powertex on glass

Anyone that has tried to use Powertex with glass will know that it can be a slippery business! It’s not difficult though and with a couple of tips, you’ll be turning empty bottles, jars and charity shop glasses into works of art. Try using Powertex universal medium on glass and create your own unique and beautiful crafts to keep, give or sell.

Powertex potion bottles

Powertex Universal Medium can be used directly onto glass but it can be tricky if your glass is very smooth. It depends on your project but many Powertex creations focus on fabric hardening so I’ll mention that first. Here’s some tips:

Fabric sculpture

Apply Powertex to fabric for wrapping glass in the same way as you would for any other project. It’s important not to over-saturate the fabric. Powertex is heavy when wet so keep this in mind when you wrap and sculpt your fabric, it might sag or fall.

Is your fabric sliding off when decorating bottles and glasses? Add tiny pieces of masking or washi tape near the top to give your fabric something to cling to. These little places of texture will be enough to hold up your fabric until it’s dry. Use this idea on wine glasses and mirrors too. Turn glasses upside down, use tape on the stem and a little on the base. The upside-down glass should not need any tape on the bowl where it could be seen from the inside.

Powertex Bottle and Goblet

These seasonal tumblers were decorated at the base using a light muslin and did not require any tape to hold the fabric in place. Have a go at your own wrapped bottle or goblets. They can be personalised and make a beautiful gift too.

Black and Gold Powertex Tumblers

Using textures on glass

Powertex universal medium allows you to create on glass with texture mediums and embellishments. Paint the glass with Powertex Universal Medium and apply layers of Stone Art or other products to create your textures and layers.

The glass does not require any priming but if the Powertex is beading on the surface, repeat the first coat. I’ve found thicker Powertex works best and the consistency can vary between colours. (It’s always good to mix your Powertex well before use.)

Get creative with different textures and glass items that will leave people wondering how you did it!

Powertex textured goblets in purple and green

Would you like to know more about Powertex?

If you’re a complete beginner you might want to take a look at the free guides to download here.

If you would like to start creating with Powertex Universal Medium take a look at my “Crafting with Powertex” eBook for beginners. It has my top tutor tips to get you started on your craft projects with your Powertex supplies and some basic techniques and ideas.

I’m a UK Powertex tutor and get my supplies from Powertex UK.

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