Powertex and glass

Search the internet for Powertex and glass and you will find pages of altered bottles and glasses. These can be decorative vases, goblets, fairy houses or even garden ornaments.

Anyone that has tried to use Powertex with glass will know that it can be a slippery business! It’s not difficult to achieve though and with a couple of tips you’ll be turning bottles, jars and charity shop glasses into works of art.

Powertex goblets with a stone texture in green and purple

Using Powertex with glass

Apply Powertex to fabric for wrapping glass in the same way as you would for any other project. It’s important not to over saturate the fabric. Coat the fabric until it’s sticky to the touch.

Powertex universal medium allows you to create on glass with texture mediums and embellishments. Paint the glass with Powertex and apply layers of Stone Art or use Powertex to glue embellishments and textures in place.

Prepare the surface

Giving the glass some texture is sometimes needed. Leave the labels on bottles for example as this gives your Powertex something to cling to. You can also add texture with pieces of masking tape.

Use this idea on wine glasses and mirrors. Turn glasses upside down, use tape on the stem and a little on the base. The upside down glass should not need any tape on the bowl where it could be seen from the inside.

Powertex on glass Bottle and Goblet

These seasonal tumblers were decorated at the base using a light fabric, in this case muslin. They did not require any tape at all and this means the inside of the glasses don’t have any ugly tape on show.

Black and Gold Powertex Tumblers

Have a go at your own wrapped bottle or goblets. They can be personalised and make a really beautiful gift too.

I have a Quick Guide to Powertex on Glass in my Etsy shop if you’d like to make your own glass creations. They make beautiful handmade gifts or to decorate a seasonal table.

If you are new to Powertex Universal Medium take a look at my “Crafting with Powertex” eBook for beginners. It has my top tutor tips to get you started on your own craft projects with your Powertex supplies and some basic techniques and ideas.

If you’re a complete beginner you might want to take a look at the free downloads here.


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