What is Powertex?

Powertex universal medium is a mixed media art and craft supply that is a fabric hardener, paint and adhesive. The range of products includes fabric hardeners, texture mediums and different colour pigments and more.

Powertex for beginners

If you’re a beginner, here are some links to help you create your art and craft projects with Powertex products. Maybe you have a stash of products at home or are thinking of joining a workshop, there’s lots here to inspire and help you.

Powertex art and craft supplies

Here’s my list of useful online places and resources about Powertex, whatever your style or level of experience.

Some of these links require social media access and most are free. I have also included some links to my blogs and instruction. As a UK tutor, I am mostly focused on UK resources but a quick Google can help you find Powertex distributors, tutors and makers across Europe, the U.S., Australia, Japan and India.

Powertex links

For absolute beginners

These links include some Powertex basics. Try these if you’re new to Powertex products, need some basic instruction or want to know if Powertex is for you.

What is Powertex?

How to use Powertex

“Get crafting with Powertex” instruction to download from Etsy

Free guides to download and print

Powertex inspiration

There are lots of places online to find inspiration for your next Powertex project. Whether you want to make a textured canvas, a fabric sculpture figurine or a mixed media masterpiece. Whatever your style, take a look at these to spark your creativity.

The Powertex UK online mixed media magazine is full of tips and projects

The Powertex Studio Facebook group

Search the Powertex hashtag on Instagram

Figures and fabric sculpture

If fabric sculpture is your thing then I recommend these amazing makers. From a simple figurine to life-size creations, there’s lots here to inspire you.

Anne’s Flower Girl project blog

Amazing fantasy figures by @fairiesandfantasycrafts

Gorgeous and styled figures from NP Côté Galerie

Alex Henry Mixed Media gothic creations

Mixed media art and craft

Mixed media art covers a wide variety of techniques and styles but whatever you love there’s something out there for you. Try these pages for ideas and tutorials for mixed media art and craft projects. Connecting with other artists and crafters in online groups is really inspiring too.

Powertex UK mixed media magazine online

The Powertex studio Facebook group

My own mixed media project blogs

Textured art

Brigitte Grade is the founder of Powertex. Her art is stunning and shows just how bold Powertex art can be. Andrea is one of my personal favourite artists. She creates gorgeous textured art with an organic style and colour palette. Take a look at her YouTube channel and see how much fun this is!

Brigitte Grade

Andrea De Weerdt

Finding Powertex products and supplies

I’m a Powertex tutor in the UK but there are other distributors across Europe and around the world.

Powertex UK

In the U.S. Powertex Creation

Belgium Powertex

Distributors map

Powertex workshops

Certified Powertex tutors are trained in many different techniques and products so you can make incredible art and crafts. They run workshops, demonstrations and online classes so you can learn from artists and crafters who love to work with these products.

There are too many tutors to list here but if you can’t find a tutor or workshop near you, get in touch.

Certified Powertex tutors (UK)

Online instruction

Lastly, if you’re looking for online instruction there are more options than ever. YouTube is a great place to start if you need some tips. Some tutors also offer paid video tutorials or online classes so you can support your favourite artists and crafters.

Powertex Australia on YouTube

Tutorials from Powertex UK

Find out more

I could have added so many more links to fantastic artists and crafters. Social media is a great place to see more and I haven’t even mentioned Pinterest. Share your favourite Powertex link in the comments.

I recommend finding your local tutor to see where they are teaching and or selling their creations. Catch up with them at a craft fair or online and get inspired for your next make.

Follow my Powertex Instagram account and take a look at my stories where I regularly share the creations of amazing Powertex makers. If you’d like me to share your creations, follow me and send me a DM!

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[Updated August 2022]

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