Anyone that has tried to wrap a bottle or glass with Powertex will know that it can be a slippery business! It’s not difficult to achieve though. With a couple of tips you’ll be making potion bottles, turning wine glasses into beautiful goblets and redesigning your mirrors!

Powertex wrapped glass bottles

Powertex wrapped glass bottles by Kore Sage

Quick tips for using Powertex with fabric on glass

Preparing the surface

Tip 1

Clean off any dust or dirt and start with a clean, dry surface. This will help your Powertex to stick and stay in place.

Tip 2

If you’re decorating bottles, you can leave labels on. This gives a little texture for your Powertex and fabric wrapping to cling to. Of course you can remove them if you can’t hide them with your decoration.

Tip 3

Use small pieces of masking tape on smooth surfaces to create more areas with texture. Masking tape is your friend. It can be used in small pieces on the shoulders of bottles or the stems of goblets where it will be hidden. It can also be used to completely cover mirror edges if you want to create a frame. It’s not necessary to use tape but it can help.

Powertex Bottle and Goblet

Powertex Bottle and Goblet

Finishing touches

Tip 4

Wipe away excess Powertex medium before it fully hardens. It will clean off glass easily for several hours but not when fully cured.

Black and Gold Powertex Tumblers

Black and Gold Powertex Tumblers

Tip 5

Goblets and bottles can be hand washed and rinsed but should not be submerged in water or put in the dishwasher. Powertex is water resistant after 3 weeks so wait until then before use.

Find out more

If you’d like to try a glass project you can find my Quick Guide to using Powertex on Glass in my Etsy shop. It has suggested supply lists, project ideas and an instruction for an altered bottle as well as more tips. If you’re a complete beginner, take a look at 10 things about Powertex!

I get all my Powertex supplies from Powertex UK. You can read my Design Team projects on the Powertex UK Mixed Media Magazine.

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[…] These ideas are great for Halloween craft projects but the techniques can be used in a variety of other creations. The goblets can be made for any celebration table and even used if you leave the rims clean. There’s some tips for using Powertex on glass in this blog. […]

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