Have you used Powertex Stone Art?

Stone Art is a paper based, dry product that can be used in two main ways. Either add texture with it or mix it into an air dry clay and use with all colours of Powertex Universal Medium and other products.

An open tub of Powertex Stone Art

Create texture with Stone Art

This product is perfect for adding an organic texture to your surfaces. Use on flat art pieces or on sculpture to the same effect. As the name suggests it’s the perfect medium for a stone effect. Apply the dry powder onto wet Powertex and repeat the layers for a textured surface. Here’s an example.

Mix Stone Art into an air dry clay

Mixing your own clay is so easy with Powertex Universal Medium and Stone Art and has the benefit of creating in any colour and to any quantity. The clay has a slight texture although it can be made smoother with more liquid. Use it in moulds, shape by hand or imprint with rubber stamps and tools. Keep your clay in an air tight container and it will keep for about a week.

Put some Stone Art in a container and mix in a little  Powertex Universal Medium until the clay starts to form. You can use your hands to knead the clay when it’s not too wet.

This clay angel was created on top of an old Pez container, with Stone Art clay, Powercotton, mdf shapes and a metal embellishment. I used Bister for the stone effect with red acrylic highlights.

Angel clay art doll with Powertex Stone Art

Adding colour to Stone Art surfaces

Adding colour is the same for any Powertex surface and may depend on the colour of your clay. Use Bister or acrylic inks on lighter surfaces and Powercolor or metallic powder pigments on darker surfaces for great results. Bister is perfect for a muted, organic finish while metallics create something more unique.


Spray Bister colour on textured surfaces and layer the Bister ink colours to create a gorgeous organic look. If you want a faux stone effect this is a must have! You can find out more about Bister here.


Mix powder pigments such as Powercolor, Colortricx or other mica based powders into a paint for good coverage of textures. Mix up a dryer paint (I use a little Easy Varnish) to “dry brush” over textures with a flat brush. This technique highlights the textures and works best with a dark base, building layers of colour on top.

Powertex goblets

Acrylic paints and inks

Like sprays, fluid paints and inks look great on a textured surface. These usually work best on a light coloured base as the colour is often transparent.

How do I use Stone Art in my art or crafts?

Stone Art can be added to parts or layers of a mixed media piece, to single embellishments or as a base layer. Because Powertex can be applied to almost any surface, this texture can also be used in infinite ways! What would you turn to stone?

If you’re new to Powertex you can find out more here or take a look at the guides and tutorials in my Etsy shop. Here you can find a quick guide to using this medium that includes how to get a basic stone effect and how to mix up an air dry clay along with my tutor tips.


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