Powertex Seahorse by Kore Sage

Using Powertex with an MDF base

This lovely Powertex seahorse project uses two simple techniques to make amazing textures and stunning colour effects. I'm using a pre-cut MDF base from Powertex UK in the shape of a seahorse but this project will work with any shape template. This project was originally created for the Powertex UK design team.


Powertex universal medium in Bronze but any dark colour will work great

Seahorse template

Textured papers, fabric scraps, lace, ric rac, embellishments etc. (Use what you have!)

Powercolor in Moss green, Lilac from the Powercolor pigment tray

Easy Varnish

Paper/plastic plate, flat paintbrush, kitchen towel, gloves are optional but useful

Powertex seahorse project supplies

Remember natural fabrics work best with Powertex. You can add wood or metal  embellishments from your stash too!

Embellishments for use with Powertex

Preparing your pieces with Powertex

Shake your Powertex well before opening. Pour a few tablespoons onto a paper or plastic plate. Paint the pieces all over and use the small rectangle to hold your Seahorse template together. The looped piece can be folded and attached to the back as a hanger. The Powertex works as a paint and an adhesive.

Powertex seahorse in bronze

Adding textures

Next start to add your textures onto the front of the template using the Powertex to stick them down. Textured papers make a great background. I'm using torn pieces of wallpaper. You can cover the whole piece or just parts, it's up to you.

Then add the embellishments. Use a brush to gently paint them, be careful not to make them too wet. Use a small blob of Powertex to stick pieces into place.

The lace can be sculpted with the Powertex. Apply Powertex to half the piece and then massage through the fabric. You can add extra Powertex but the fabric should be sticky and not too wet.

Using lave with fabric hardener

Use the lace and fabric pieces to decorate your template. Create a fin with pleated lace and a blob or two of Powertex to stick down. Apply Powertex and then wrap the ric rac around the tail in a spiral. Build up interesting textures and focal points and ensure everything is coated with Powertex.

The working time of Powertex is about an hour so there's time to move things around. When you're ready, leave your Seahorse until touch dry, usually a couple of hours.

Sculpting lace

Adding colour

When touch dry you can start to add colour and you will see all those textures come alive! I chose 3 colours from the Powercolor pigment tray, Lilac, Moss Green and White.

Powercolors are powder pigments that can be mixed with Easy Varnish into a weatherproof paint. For this project we use a dry brush technique to highlight the texture. Use your flat brush to put a tiny blob of Easy Varnish on a plastic plate or craft mat. Dip the brush tip into the powder pigment and tap off any excess. Mix this well with your varnish. Add more powder pigment until you have a dry-ish paint and make small amounts at a time because it dries very quickly.

Wipe off excess paint onto the paper towel and keeping your brush flat, brush over your textures. I used lilac over the whole template and then highlighted with moss green on the embellishments. You can keep brushing over with colour until you're happy with the results. Save your lightest colours until last.

This can seem a bit risky at first! I recommend that you build up your layers slowly. You can always layer over the top if you don't like your results. 

Adding Powercolor to Powertex seahorse project

The project will dry quickly to touch and will harden in a few days. If you wait for the project to cure fully for 3 weeks it can even go outside as it will be weatherproof! I think she'd look great on a bathroom wall, maybe with a friend? If you'd like to know more about Powertex before you have a go you can find out more.


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