Powertex Rusty Powder is known for it's real rust colour and texture. It can be applied in many ways but in this blog I'm going to show you how I use Rusty Powder like fluid paint in my mixed media art.

Paint with Rusty Powder

Using Rusty Powder in mixed media art usually involves creating a paste with 3d sand and balls. This can be applied to sculptures, figures and altered art and sticks well to the surfaces. However, on my canvases I wanted the rust effect but with the flow and drip of paint. This meant I could layer rust colours and textures in thin layers with a brush and let it move around the painting on it’s own!

Powertex and Rusty Powder canvasThis was one of the first paintings I tried with this idea and I loved the way it turned out. The textures were created first with cardboard, handmade paper collage and fabric scraps and some Easy Structure paste. I used Ivory Powertex to glue everything together. When it was dry, I painted over some parts with black Powertex and prepared my Rusty Powder mixture.

For my Rusty paint you will need:

Powertex Universal Medium in Transparent or Ivory

Powertex Rusty Powder

White Vinegar

Distilled water

A spray bottle

Powertex 3d Sand is optional

Mixing Liquid Rust Paint with Powertex Rusty Powder

Mix it up

Put a little Powertex medium on a plate and add a little white vinegar. Sprinkle some Rusty Powder on top of this, a little at a time. You don’t want more than half the mixture to be Rusty Powder or it will be too dark to start with. I prefer to build up slowly. With this technique, even layers that don’t rust well can be revived!

When you have this mixture, I like to add a little 3d Sand for a fine texture. It’s also useful if your mixture is too thin. Just add a little at a time, not so much that you have a paste.

Use an old paintbrush to apply the paint in thin layers to your canvas. It works great on textured surfaces as it runs and drips just like fluid paint.

When you’ve applied your mixture, spray with a vinegar and water mixture. 30% vinegar is fine for this project. Spray generously and leave to rust naturally. You can repeat this spray over the next few hours if you like. The mix will continue to rust for up to 24 hours!

NEED TO KNOW: Use enough Powertex Universal Medium to hold your rusty paint together. The Powertex acts like a glue, sticking your Rusty Powder to the surface.

TOP TIP: Use plastic tools for this project, metal ones will rust too!

Powertex Rust Art by Kore Sage
Powertex Mixed media rust art by Kore Sage
Mixed media art with rust by Kore Sage

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how I create my liquid rust paint for my mixed media paintings. It’s a fun technique and works on so many surfaces for all kinds of projects.

If you’re new to Powertex and would like to know more you can find my blogs for Powertex beginners here. You can also find some of my rusty paintings in my gallery.

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