I'm thinking about my top 5 Powertex projects for 2020. A new year usually means new plans and ideas and clearing out the old to make way for the new. Sometimes, it's about building on what you've already done rather than letting it go!

I spent a lot of time last year working on my abstract art technique and process. I wanted to get the basics in place, thinking about composition and colour and tools. Completing 50 small abstract paintings and several larger canvases and boards helps to figure this out!

Now it's time to add more physical texture to my art and that means adding Powertex textures.

Here are my Powertex project ideas for 2020:

  • Complete the reworking of a large textured canvas from 2018 (see below)
  • Create 5 small abstract canvases using Powertex and 3d Sand as texture and with acrylic colour
  • Use Powertex Powerprint to add image transfers to paintings with texture and Bister for colour
  • Create a large square canvas using Powertex, 3d Sand and Bister for an upcoming exhibition
  • Create a series of "Art Dolls" using Powertex and found items for a Summer Exhibition and demonstration

Working in a series

Working in a series is something that really helped me in 2019. I always thought creating one off pieces was "good" for me. Stopping me getting bored and giving me plenty of room to explore new ideas seemed right. What I've discovered is that completing a series of pieces with some "boundaries" keeps me focused. It also reduces the feeling of not knowing what to make or where to start. There is still plenty of room to play with ideas because I'm pushing the materials and techniques a bit further.

I'm also really excited to work on a series of art dolls, using Powertex supplies and found things to create mini figures and wall angels like these.

Powertex PEZ angel by Kore Sage

Powertex art doll by Kore Sage

Powertex Mixed Media Art Doll by Kore Sage

Powertex Mixed Media Art Doll by Kore Sage

The reworking of an old textured canvas

This project is what I’m working on right now. This canvas is 24″ square and was previously painted for a Summer exhibition in 2018. It’s Powertex, natural materials and acrylic and is heavily textured. The painting never really felt finished and I wasn’t surprised that it didn’t sell with all that stark black and white! However, it’s one thing to repaint the surface with a new palette and design, it quite another to rework a painting that has such heavy texture that cannot be changed!

Here is the painting in it’s original displayed state and where it’s at after a few layers of colour.

Powertex project for 2020 - Abstract Acrylic art by Kore Sage
Powertex project for 2020 - Rework Powertex art by Kore Sage

The texture is still dictating the balance of the painting and there is little contrast but this will give me something to work with that isn’t black and white! This painting is my first challenge of the new year!

Do you have projects waiting for your attention?

The start of the year is a great time to list the ideas you’ve had and start to focus on what you want to achieve. I still find my ideas get very scattered so getting them down to this list was quite an achievement for me! No doubt other ideas will pop up and I’ll still be working in my journals and sketchbooks too. Also I think it’s important to give myself flexibility. So if a project really isn’t working or something else really is working, I can shift my time and energy without guilt or feelings of failure!

I already have a couple of events planned for this year, so keep an eye on the Events page.

Next month I’ll be at the Sussex Oakleaf pop up event in Haywards Heath and in June the Adur Art Collective Art Trail will be in full swing.