Powertex products are a range of mediums and pigments used for mixed media art and sculpture. The Universal Medium (known as Powertex) is a fabric hardener, adhesive and paint. It’s hard-wearing and weatherproof when cured. Find out more about how to use Powertex in your art and craft projects.

Powertex mixed media supplies and products

Powertex mixed media products

Powertex Universal Medium

Powertex is:

  • A water-based, liquid sculpting medium
  • Available in eight colours and transparent
  • Hardens textiles and fibres
  • Works best with natural materials
  • Will adhere to natural materials, metals and glass
  • Weatherproof after three weeks
  • One product to paint, glue and harden

I have a free guide to Powertex that you can find here.

Textures to use with Powertex

The range includes textures to mix and use with the Powertex medium. Powertex acts as a binder for dry textures and adheres them to your surface.

  • 3d Sand and Balls in three sizes
  • Easy Structure paste
  • Stone Art powder
  • Powercotton threads

Of course you can add in your own textures just remember that natural materials work best with Powertex.

Bister pigments

Bister is a water-based ink with some interesting properties. It’s available in seven muted colours as dry granules and ready mixed sprays. Granules add texture as well as colour.

Powertex Bister sprays

Techniques include the Bister crackle technique when heated on top of wet Powertex. You can find a free guide to Bister here. I have also written up my Bister workshop in an ebook that you can download in the Etsy shop.

Powertex powder pigments

The Powertex range includes many dry powder pigments. These can be mixed with Powertex medium or more commonly with Powertex Easy Varnish. Look for Powercolor (matt) or Colortricx (pearl/metallic) colours.

  • Mix only what you need to reduce waste
  • A little goes a long way
  • Create your own colours and consistency of paint
  • Mix with Easy Varnish for a UV resistant and weatherproof paint
  • There are lots of ways to use these dry pigments

Other products

Rusty Powder is one of my favourite Powertex products. It’s an iron-based, dry texture that can be mixed with Powertex to bind it to a surface. Adding white vinegar to the mixture allows rust to develop. There are lots of techniques to discover with this product to get a range of different shades of rust and textures. I have a quick guide to Rusty Powder in my Etsy shop.

Powertex rust art

Stone Art is a paper based powder and it can create a convincing stone texture when layered onto Powertex and coloured with Bister. It will also mix with Powertex into an air dry clay. You can find out more about Stone Art here.

Adding Powertex Bister

Easy 3d Flex is a dry medium that creates a clay when mixed with Powertex. This clay will crack when drying and it’s possible to create a range of crackle textures on your surface.

Free Powertex guides and instruction

There’s a lot more to Powertex than what’s here. The Powertex range is very versatile and can be used in so many mixed media projects from textured art on canvas to garden sculptures and home decor.

You can find my free guides to Powertex here. If your looking for some instruction you might want to take a look at the ebook instruction I have in my Etsy shop.

I’m a certified Powertex tutor in the UK.