Using Powertex with MDF kits

The Powertex Owl Project Pack is just one of the brilliant projects over at Powertex UK and the Powertex UK Design Team 2018 have been busy blogging about them. This was my first blog for the design team. I was given the very generous project pack with the brief to use Bronze Powertex and Stone Art.

Powertex Owl project pack by Kore Sage

It’s a really textured project with lots of detail. A step by step guide is on the blog here. There are plenty of tips for using Powertex in your project.

Why MDF kits?

Using MDF shapes like this are a great base for your mixed media projects. The wooden pieces are sturdy enough to take lots of layers and wet media. They can also be quite large. This project added Powertex,fabric, Stone Art and Easy Structure as well as metal and wooden embellishments! The colours were made from Easy Varnish and Colortricx powder pigments, making this project also completely weatherproof.

Powertex owl project by Kore Sage

Powertex Owl Project Pack

If you’d like to read more about how this project was made, head over to the Powertex UK blog. If you’re just starting out with Powertex and want to know more head over here!