Powertex fairy houses

Powertex fairy houses are a fun way to get started with this versatile product. A jam jar (or similar) and some old cotton and natural fabric scraps can be turned into a fantastic little fairy house. The screw lid means the “roof” can be removed for adding LED candles (not real candles). The glass jar can be decorated with “windows” for the lights to shine out!

Powertex fairy house group with lights

Powertex fairy houses with light

Create interesting roof shapes from foil, wire or card and secure with masking tape. Use Powertex Universal Medium to paint, glue and harden your shapes. Add embellishments such as lace, die cuts, clay shapes or metal charms. Be careful not to Powertex the roof to the jar if you want to open it. When the Powertex is touch dry you can add colour to really highlight the lovely textures in your fabric. Try a dark coloured Powertex and dry brush with bright, metallic or the stunning terra violet pigments to bring your fairy house to life.


Get creative
Powertex fairy houses

Powertex fairy houses

With a bit more confidence you can use coloured Powertex and pigments to create beautiful effects and get really creative with your embellishments! Experiment with different shapes and sizes of jars or containers and instead of using fabric to wrap your base, use Stone Art clay.




Remember if you use Powertex Universal Medium and then Easy Varnish with Powertex pigments, your fairy house is weatherproof after 3 weeks. Imagine a few of these with tiny lights inside for your winter porch or on your summer patio!

To shop for Powertex head to Powertex UK to see the range of products. If you’d like to join a workshop, check out their Tutors page. If you’re interested in Powertex and you’re in the Brighton area you can get in touch with me here.