Powertex Stone Art is a product for creating fine textures, faux stone effect and of course air drying clay. Use with Powertex Universal Medium for convincing stone results.

Powertex Stone Art – Faux Stone Effect

Stone Art is a dried paper pulp that can be used to create a range of texture effects from a fine granular surface to building dimension. It can also be mixed with Powertex Universal Medium to create an air drying clay.

Stone Art Powertex projects

I’m demonstrating how to use Stone Art to create a faux stone effect on almost any surface. In this demonstration I’ll be using a piece of styrofoam. Watch the video for my demonstration and pop the sound on or see my process photos below.

I’ve listed my supplies here.


Ivory Powertex Universal Medium
Stone Art
Bister sprays
Plastic dish or plate
A container with a lid for excess Stone Art
A damp sponge
Piece to decorate

Pop the sound on for this video demonstration or continue for photo description.

Step 1
Applying Powertex

Put a little Powertex medium onto your plate and use your fingers or a brush to apply it unevenly to the surface, not too thin. It’s not necessary but you can wear a glove for this if you like.

Powertex Stone Art Supplies

Step 2
Applying Stone Art

Use a dry hand to sprinkle Stone Art powder onto the wet Powertex. Cover it completely and be generous. Don’t worry we won’t waste any! Press the Stone Art onto the wet Powertex firmly. Use your fingers to brush off any excess powder into a container, this excess can be used later or for other projects. Repeat this process as many times as you like to create your textures. You can apply it more in some areas. I recommend leaving to dry for a while before moving to the next step. You can use a hairdryer to speed this up if you wish.

Powertex Stone Art Supplies

Step 3
Buffing your textures

When you have your dry layers of Stone Art we want to remove any loose powder. Use your fingers flat over the textures, rubbing firmly to remove any Stone Art that’s not stuck down. Any loose powder can be saved into your container and used again. It will be more textured than the “new” Stone Art. Buff over the whole piece until your happy. You should be able to see your textures well now.

Adding Powertex Bister

Step 4
Using Bister sprays

To make the most of the textures, spray Bister generously onto the piece. You can use any colours, layer them up and mix them together. Dry them off in between if you like. I find the more the better here.

Next use a damp sponge to wipe the Bister from the raised areas. This creates highlights. Repeat these steps until you get a result you like. The Bister is water based and not permanent so you can wipe this back and repeat as much as you like.

Adding Powertex Bister

You can use this technique on most surfaces including glass, canvas and wood. If you have a plastic surface, the Powertex will likely peel off. It’s a good idea to prime the surface first with masking tape, gesso or a spray primer.

As Bister is not permanent you may wish to seal your project with varnish. You can use Easy Varnish but a spray varnish will also work well.

Powertex Stone Art faux stone effect

These pieces make great bases for figures and animals as well as fantastic sculptures themselves. Please note that Stone Art is made of paper and varnish is also highly flammable so is not suitable for use with real candles. LED candles are perfect for projects such as candleholders and lanterns. You can find some ideas for projects using Stone Art over on the Powertex UK online magazine.

If you’re new to Powertex you can find out more about how I use this amazing product in my Powertex for beginners blogs. If you have any questions about this technique you can always contact me, I’d love to hear from you.


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