Powertex colour combinations for beginners

Many Powertex colour combinations are possible from the range of colours and then a complementary range of Bister sprays and powder pigments available to finish your projects. In my Powertex workshops, one of the things people can struggle with, is how to choose colours that work well.

This blog is all about Powertex colours and choosing Bister and powder pigments to make the most of them.

When I say “Powertex”, I mean Powertex Universal Medium, the fabric hardener.

Here’s a few tips on choosing your Powertex colours based on my own favourites. If you’re struggling, try something you like the look of and when you feel braver, go and find your own favourite combinations!

A note about choosing your Powertex colours

For beginners I always recommend Black or Bronze Powertex to start. It’s easy to get fantastic results, even if you have just one metallic pigment. When you start to explore the other colours of Powertex medium you may want to try other pigments or Bister sprays to make the most of them.

Ivory Powertex and Blue Bister spray

This is high on my list, the muted teal/blue on Ivory textures is gorgeous and the spray runs into your textures.

Powertex canvas by Kore Sage

Powertex canvas by Kore Sage

Ivory Powertex and Brown Bister spray

For a vintage or aged effect this is a must have combination. I love this for wrapped bottles. Add other Bister colours for more depth.

Powertex and Bister Bottle

Powertex and Bister

Black Powertex and just about anything!

Black is the perfect base for most colours but if you’re building up different colours it will really show them off. Metallics of course, look amazing and you can use just one pigment, such as Colortricx Copper on it’s own with amazing results.

Black and Gold Powertex Tumblers

Black and Gold Powertex Tumblers

Yellow Ochre Powertex and Red Bister spray

For fine and deep textures on a canvas this combination is very special. It has a warm glow that’s hard to beat. Add Bister in Black, Brown and Mahogany for more depth.

Powertex mixed media canvas by Kore Sage

Powertex mixed media canvas by Kore Sage

Blue Powertex and Black Bister or metallic pigments

Blue Powertex is a wonderful mid blue. Try enhancing the depth of textures with Black Bister spray. If you prefer to highlight your textures with pigments, metallics are a great way to create a beautiful finish. Try Silver, Rich Gold or Copper Colortricx to make the most of Blue textures.

Blue Powertex with Black Bister

Blue Powertex with black Bister

Bronze and Rich Gold

Bronze Powertex is a great place to start. It’s warmer than the black and looks really professional with a dry brushing of Rich Gold or Bronze pigment. Simple and very effective.

Powertex Brooches by Kore Sage

Powertex Brooches

Whether you are looking for the best ways to use what you have or wanting to try something new, go with what appeals to you and give it a try. Whatever your project I hope these ideas will give you a starting point if you’re struggling with colour choices. 

I’d love to hear about your favourite Powertex colours and combinations. Leave me a comment below. Maybe you have a tip of your own for beginners.

If you like to work with Ivory Powertex you might find this post helpful too.


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