A Powertex shopping list for beginners is not a one size fits all! So if you’re a beginner how do you know what to put on your Powertex supply list? Powertex projects are varied and the range of products is so much more than fabric hardener. I’ve got some ideas for basic supplies for different types of projects.

I’ve tried a variety of Powertex art and crafts and discovered my favourite products. Find your project below and my suggested Powertex shopping lists for beginners.

Start with Powertex Universal Medium

There are simple techniques you can do with a bottle of Powertex Universal Medium and some natural materials such as fabric sculpture. Maybe you want to dive into textured art. Choose the type of project you would like to make and see if you already have any of the materials you might need.

You don’t have to get all the shiny things at the start if you have a small budget or just want to give it a try.

Powertex shopping list

Powertex tips and tools

It’s important to mention that like all wet media, it’s good to protect your clothes and work area and use tools that are easy to clean. Gloves are not essential for working with Powertex but can be useful.

Read about which materials work well with Powertex Universal Medium.

  • Gloves are useful but not necessary as Powertex is API certified non-toxic
  • A plastic dish or plate that is reusable or a paper plate
  • A non stick or wipeable surface to work on such as a craft mat or pvc cloth is useful
  • A flat paintbrush is good for several techniques

If you need some instruction, take a look at Get crafting with Powertex for beginners in the shop.

Powertex Universal Medium supplies for mixed media art

Fabric sculpting shopping list

Fabric wrapping or sculpting is a great place to start for mixed media crafters. It’s great for altered bottles or boxes, fairy houses and figure sculptures of all sizes. Try fabric sculpting techniques with these products on your shopping list:

  • Powertex Universal Medium in Black or Bronze “Powertex”
  • Easy Varnish
  • Powercolor or Colortricx powder pigments of your choice

This shopping list for the technique can do a lot. Get a small bottle of Powertex to start with, it will go a long way. Easy Varnish is a must-have product when using powder pigments. Mix it with the powder to make a paint and it protects the colour and is weatherproof.

Powertex fairy houses Kore Sage

Tips for fabric sculpture

Use Black or Bronze Powertex as your base colour and choose a bright colour and white Powercolor to highlight the textures. Or choose a single metallic pigment for simple but striking results. Mix the powder pigments with Easy Varnish to make a paint. Use a flat paintbrush with your paint mix and brush over the raised areas of the textures.

Classic figure sculpture supply list

It’s surprisingly simple to create a figure with Powertex. You can find lots of inspiring ideas here. Bronze Powertex and a metallic pigment are a simple but stunning combination popular with Powertex figure sculptors. My favourite is Bronze Gold Colortricx. Shop for:

  • Plaster head
  • Wooden stand
  • Bronze Powertex
  • Colortricx pigment in a colour you like
  • Easy Varnish

Tips for making Powertex figurines

Fix the plaster head to the stand with foil and masking tape to create a base. Build up the body in the same way. Let your fabric clothes drape and hang around the figure. Ivory figures are also popular but can be challenging to colour. If you want to make an Ivory figure you might find this blog useful.

Powertex mixed media style art supplies

Mixed media art with Powertex has a huge variety of techniques and styles so try. If you are a beginner you may want to try layering card, fabric and mdf shapes and embellishments before trying texture products.

  • Black or Ivory Powertex
  • Easy Varnish and Powercolor and Colortricx pigments of your choice
  • or Bister/Acrylic ink sprays for using on Ivory Powertex

Skulls mixed media using Powertex for beginners shopping list

If you want to get stuck into textures try:

  • Easy Structure, Stone Art or Easy 3D Flex for building texture
  • 3d Sand and balls
  • Rusty Powder

Powertex Rusty Letter art using the mdf and rust shopping list

Tips for mixed media art with Powertex

Use fabric, wood, paper, metal to build up layers. Paint and glue all your elements with Powertex. Add texture products for extra effects. You can find examples of mixed media Powertex art in this gallery.

Textured or abstract art suggestions

Combine Powertex with texture mediums for unique effects like rust and crackle and use on canvas or board. The results can be full of happy accidents so it’s perfect if you like to play and experiment rather than plan your art.

  • Ivory Powertex
  • Easy Structure texture paste or Easy 3d Flex clay
  • 3d sand and balls

If you want to experiment with new effects try:

  • Rusty Powder with vinegar for rust
  • Bister sprays and granules for colour and texture
  • Stone Art or Easy 3d Flex mixed with Powertex for texture
  • Powerwax with Powercolor for soft colour blending
  • Acrylic inks for brighter colour

Original Powertex rust and Bister art by Kore Sage

Tips for creating textured art

Choose Ivory or White Powertex Universal Medium as your base colour. Try texture products from the Powertex range until you find a favourite. Play with different ways to add colour (Bister, cold wax and powder pigments, acrylic paint or ink). Find out more about adding colour to your Powertex art.

Mini Powertex textured art

Powertex mini art with Green bister displayed in a box frame

Add your own embellishments, natural textures and fibres. You don’t have to plan your art first and Powertex is quite forgiving while wet so you can continue to play with your textures for a while.

Get creative

Powertex universal medium is a paint, adhesive and fabric hardener so there’s lots you can do with this versatile medium. Start with some basics and build up as you like. It works with almost any materials so use what’s in your craft stash and play with what you have. Your Powertex shopping lists for beginners doesn’t have to be long, it just needs to be fun.

Powertex Art Doll by Kore Sage

If you’d like to know more about using Powertex take a look in the Etsy shop for instant download instruction. As a Powertex tutor in England, I get my supplies from Powertex UK. With Powertex the possibilities are endless so let your imagination go wild!

Powertex supplies for beginners Pinterest pin

These Powertex shopping lists for beginners are put together by a certified UK Powertex tutor and are just suggestions based on my experience. If you have any questions about choosing your supplies you can always get in touch.


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