Create a Powertex art background with Ivory Powertex and Bister

Powertex products are versatile for creating textured, mixed media art. Use Bister with Ivory Powertex Universal Medium as a background to add a hint of colour and texture then add heavy textured layers. This piece is a finished example of Powertex art that started off in this way.

Create Powertex art with Bister background

Why use Powertex and Bister?

Create a hard wearing surface to work on with Powertex, to support heavy layers and with a slow drying time for adding lots of effects. Bister pigments are muted inks to mix into wet Powertex for a tinted background and create background textures such as crackle and fine splashes. 

Here’s a glimpse of an Ivory Powertex and Bister background layer. (This time-lapse video has no sound.) 

Powertex and Bister

Layer up with more Bister, Powertex and Rusty Powder for a textured and structured art. The Bister in the background layer is reactivated with wet media and is not permanent. However, let the inks bleed into the upper layers and create a harmony throughout the art.

Heat the Bister to create the crackle effect although I would recommend using a hairdryer rather than a heat tool. High heat will blister the Powertex and dry the surface too fast.

If you are interested in using Bister in your Powertex art, take a look at the free guides for some basics on using Powertex and Bister.

I’m a Powertex tutor in the UK and get my supplies from Powertex UK