Pastel Powertex is perfect for Spring projects, florals and gifts. Pastel colours can be mixed with Powertex Universal Medium to create soft effects for your projects.

In this blog I want to show you how I mix pastel colours and highlight the floral textures. I’ll be transforming small glass drink bottles into floral Spring vases but these techniques can be used on any surface.

Powertex Universal Medium colours are all mixable and with the exception of Transparent, will be weatherproof when cured. Pastel colours can be mixed using Ivory or White although I used Ivory for my project.

Powertex bottle vases in pastels

Powertex pastel bottle vases

I recommend you experiment with tiny amounts of your Powertex colours to find your favourite combinations. I’m using my favourite pale blue to start. I add small amounts of blue Powertex to Ivory (or White) until I have a shade I like. I’ve also use Yellow Ochre and Terracotta with Ivory on separate bottles. For a more advanced project try to mix more than two colours together. For example Blue and Yellow Ochre to make green then mix with Ivory for a lighter shade. A gradient of pale to dark can also be achieved by adding more of the colour to the mix as you work through your project.

Materials list
Prepare the fabric

Cut strips of light fabric approximately 1-2 inches wide, pieces of string 2 – 4 inches long and choose embellishments that fit your spring or floral theme. I used muslin fabric found in the remnant bin at my local fabric store. recycling old fabric is a great idea for this project.

Preparing materials for pastel Powertex Project

Preparing materials

Mix pastel Powertex

Pour a few tablespoons of Ivory Powertex onto a plate or dish and mix a tiny amount of Blue Powertex into it. Add a little more until you have a pastel shade that you like. I highly recommend adding your colour to the Ivory and not Ivory to the colour. 

Mixing pastel colours with powertex

Mixing pastel powertex

Wrap the bottle

Coat fabric strips with the Powertex mix and wrap around the bottle. I started at the top and after a few strips I added a little more blue to the mix. I wrapped the bottle in this way until it was covered. Note the gradient from pale blue to mid blue at the base. Remember not to over-saturate your fabric, it should be slightly sticky. Wrap the strips from the top down, loosely in spirals and overlapping to get this ragged texture.

Wrap bottle with fabric strips

Wrap bottle with fabric strips

Add embellishments

Adding string and floral embellishments adds interest and creates a focal point. I created spiral shapes and balls with string and coated embellishments with Powertex and adhered them to the bottle. The little wooden butterfly was perfect. Leave this to become touch dry. This can take one or several hours depending on the temperature of the room. A hairdryer can speed this along.

Add embellishments to bottle

Add embellishments to bottle

Mix dry paint

I’m using a white paint mix to highlight the textures. Using Easy Varnish with Powercolor ensures a water resistant paint so the bottles can be rinsed. Mix a dry paint with white Powercolor and Easy Varnish. Use a flat brush.

Mix water resistant paint with Easy Varnish and powercolor

Mix water resistant paint

Highlight textures

Use a dry brushing technique to highlight the textures of the fabric and the enbellishments. Keep your brush flat and in the same direction over your bottle. I tried to keep my brush strokes always top to bottom. This highlights the textures the same all over.

Highlight the textures

Highlight the textures

Pastel Powertex bottle vases

This Spring Powertex project uses beginner’s techniques to create textured vases that can be made in your favourite colours. They look lovely in groups with your favourite single stem flowers. I’m hoping for some daffodils in mine by the end of the week!

Pastel Powertex bottle in pale blue by Kore Sage

Pastel Powertex bottle in pale blue

Mix any pastel colours in the same way, by adding a little at a time of your chosen colour to Ivory or White Powertex Universal Medium. The yellow bottle used Yellow Ochre and Ivory with a slight gradient from pale to darker at the bottom, just like with the blue one. The third bottle used Terracotta and Ivory and then a little Lead Grey. I really like this more neutral tone and I think it could be useful colour for skin tones.

Powertex pastel bottle vases by Kore Sage

Powertex pastel bottle vases

Have you tried mixing Powertex colours? They don’t have to be pastels of course but you don’t have to miss out because you really want a purple Powertex project either! Leave me a comment if there’s anything you would like to ask. If you’re new to Powertex you might find this article helpful. Or try my beginner articles. This project first appeared at Powertex UK Mixed Media Magazine as part of the Powertex UK Design Team. There you will find a wide range of Powertex projects, tutorials and inspiration for your art and craft projects. Go take a look!