Favourite art supplies

These favourite art supplies started in the back of a notebook as a sort of shopping list. I’d write down my favourite inks and Neocolor colours so I knew what to buy when I went to the art shop.

Since then I’ve created new lists in sketchbooks as my art evolves and I find the materials I just don’t want to go without. I hope you find something on this list that you are inspired to try.

I’m lucky enough to live in a city where we still have art supply shops. The products I’ve listed below are what I find available in Brighton, UK. But most of these brands and products are widely available online and overseas.

These aren’t affiliate links or ads, just the products I like to use when I make my art. Maybe you’ll find something you’d like to try.

Sketchbooks and paper

Seawhite sketchbooks

I’ve tried so many sketchbooks over the years from budget buys to top quality professional books. Seawhite’s books are made locally to me and are available worldwide. The concertina sketchbooks are affordable, great quality and I love the style.

Concertina sketchbooks

Their square format books are also brilliant. The paper is cartridge paper and not heavy enough for lots of paint but these books are still resilient for sketching with wet media, colour swatching and light painting.

This year I’ve also loved Canson Mix Media XL and Daler Rowney mixed media pads for when I need something really sturdy.

Paint and gesso

Acrylic paint

I started with cheap craft paint but student grade or professional acrylic paint is best. I always buy the best white paint and gesso I can afford.

Daler Rowney paint is very easy for me get hold of. It’s available in different price ranges and I find the quality good enough for selling work. The System 3 range is very good.

I have a few GOLDEN acrylic paints that are gorgeous but I still struggle with “saving them for best” which really makes them a horrible waste of money.

Colour palette magic

Acrylic inks

I tried acrylic inks for the first time after reading a book by Tracy Verdugo and I have loved them ever since. The vibrant colours, transparent layers and fluid movement just fit how I like to create.

I use Daler Rowney FW range because it has the gorgeous Turquoise that I use in everything. The Liquitex range costs more in the UK but some colours are worth paying for. The reds and purples are gorgeous.


It’s a choice between Daler Rowney or Liquitex for me. I’ve tried so many gesso products, some with terrible results. The Daler Rowney gesso is thick and heavy so thin coats are tricky. The Liquitex gesso is more fluid, has great coverage and has become my favourite.

Drawing materials

Charcoal pencils

Willow charcoal sticks are lots of fun but I don’t like the dry, dusty feel so the pencils are a good option for me. In the UK, Derwent pencils are easy to find and I haven’t had a problem with them breaking a lot.

China markers

These are a recent discovery and I love how I can use these in my acrylic layers without them smudging into nothing.

Paint pens

Paint pens are fabulous tools. I received a pack as a gift and was hooked. Lots of brands have great products but black and white Posca pens are a must-have in my supplies.

Drawing ink

A good quality black drawing ink is such a great addition to my supplies and worth paying for a good one. I use mine with dip pens, wooden sticks and brushes. For me it has to be Winsor & Newton.

Favourite art supplies, Black ink on orange acrylic ink on paper

Crayons, pastels and dry media

I bought a beautiful set of soft pastels but when I tried them, I got frustrated by smudges and the dust made my skin feel dry and irritated.

Next I picked up a set of Reeves water soluble wax pastels which were lush and vivid. They were really affordable, lots of fun and no dust. If you can find some they are worth a try.

I’ve since switched to Caran D’ache Neocolor II crayons because the colours are gorgeous and I can buy them individually.

Powertex textured art supplies

If you’ve been around here a while you will know that I’ve been using Powertex products for years to create textured art, crafts and sculpture. Here are my favourites with blog links if you’d like to know more.

Powertex Universal Medium in Bronze and Terracotta for building sculpture or using as a base colour.

Rusty Powder for creating real rust colour and texture.

Bister pigments for muted and blendable colour.

Powercolor powder pigments for intense colour.

(I’m a Powertex tutor and all my supplies are from Powertex UK but there are other distributors around the world.)

Powertex and green Bister art by Kore Sage

Brushes and tools

Paintbrushes are essential for most artists but how do you choose? For me, top quality brushes are often unnecessary although very cheap brushes shedding in your painting isn’t much fun either.

I keep a stash of flat brushes which are my favourites and a some small round brushes. A wide soft flat brush is useful to keep just for varnishing.

I buy Daler Rowney Graduate brushes because they are easy for me to find here in the UK. The price and the quality works for me.

Also in my tool collection: wooden skewers, dip nip pens, a glass dip pen, plastic palette knives and old cards, a catalyst wedge, yellow Frogtape, a metal ruler and a heat gun.

Stencils and stamps

I use a lot of letter, number and texture stencils and stamps in my art. I also cut my own by hand and using a die cutter. Cheap letter stencils from budget stores are great. Printing out larger letters onto card is good if I need something different.

Letter stamps and stencils are available in craft shops, office supply shops and online.

Side view of A Dash of Salt Deep blue painting using number stencils, a favourite art supply

What are your favourites?

Maybe there’s something on this list that you haven’t tried yet that you can put on your wish list. It took me a long time to find my favourite supplies and I bought a lot of things along the way that I didn’t enjoy. Watercolours, soft pastels and oil sticks didn’t suit me at all, but I had to try them to find out.

I was lucky to swap some things with a crafty friend who had discovered acrylic paint was too messy for her. She gave a good home to my neglected watercolours.

It’s true that good quality products can come with a high price tag but lower cost items are perfect when trying a new medium so you don’t have to blow your budget. Cheaper items don’t come with a heavy dose of perfectionism either so you can have guilt-free fun.

What are the favourite art supplies you couldn’t be without?


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