Mixed media art with Powertex Universal Medium is easy because it’s a product that does everything. It’s a fabric hardener, adhesive and paint all in one.

Whether you add in Powertex mediums for deep texture or layer up embellishments and collage, you are guaranteed to get fantastic results. The products do so much of the work for you but there are some tips that can help you make the best of them. If Powertex is new to you, you can read a bit about it over here.

Black and Rust Powertex Mixed Media by Kore Sage

Black and Rust Powertex Mixed Media by Kore Sage

Mixing media

If you’re using Powertex products you can be sure that they all work together without fear of layers peeling, flaking or degrading. Powertex is designed to be weatherproof, so it’s hard wearing and hard working. It’s a strong adhesive so large embellishments are no problem and it works with lots of different materials.

When working on a canvas or board, add in Powertex mediums such as Easy Structure paste orĀ 3d sand and balls for deep textures and include natural fibers such as cotton, raffia, cardboard and wood.

Mixed media Powertex by Kore Sage

Mixed media Powertex by Kore Sage


  • Easy Structure paste
  • Stone art clay
  • Stone art powder
  • 3d Sand
  • 3d Balls in different sizes
  • Easy 3d Flex or Rusty Powder for specialist effects
Tools of the trade

Using the right tools really helps when working with Powertex and mediums, especially if you’re working big. I recommend using plastic tools where possible as these clean easier as the Powertex doesn’t stick to them. Choose palette knives, cocktail sticks, kebab sticks, large flat paint brushes and decorators knives and scrapers to move your medium around. Make marks with cookie cutters, sticks and leaves as well as stencils and stamps. Just be sure to clean all your tools quickly.

Choosing embellishments

Almost anything will work with Powertex so you can experiment with large and dimensional items. Plastic embellishments are unlikely to adhere well so choose natural fibers, paper, card, fabric, wood, cork, leather or even metal. Use your Powertex to create and alter your own pieces and then as glue to layer them up!

Rusty Cardboard by Kore Sage

Rusty cardboard effects by Kore Sage

Mixed media Powered Star Canvas by Kore Sage

Mixed media Powertex star canvas by Kore Sage

Using colour

Mixed media pieces work well with any colour of Powertex. Using a dark colour such as Black or Bronze makes the most of metallicĀ and pearl pigments. If neutrals or bold colour if what you want I suggest starting with Ivory. White is also great but is a thinner mixture so I find it easier to work with Ivory. I also love using the Yellow Ochre or Terracotta Powertex for a warm glowing canvas.

Mixed Media Powered canvas with Easy 3d by Kore Sage

Mixed Media Powertex canvas with Easy 3d and Acrylic inks by Kore Sage

Mixed media Powertex canvas Key by Kore Sage

Mixed media Powertex canvas with 3d sand Key by Kore Sage

Add colour as you would usually with Bister, both granules and sprays, with powder pigments and acrylics. Mix powder pigments with Transparent Powertex, Easy Varnish or mediums. Be bold and keep layering.


There are lots of resources online about composition. If you have a feel for what looks right to you then stick with it. I started out using scrapbooking layouts as a guide when I got stuck but soon got a feel for what I liked. The best tip is to make sure you have a focal point on your canvas. You may want to choose an embellishment for the focal point when you start.

Mixed media pink heart canvas by Kore Sage

Mixed media pink heart canvas by Kore Sage

Powertex mixed media art is very forgiving and playful so choose your materials and enjoy the process of mixing it up and experimenting with new combinations. If you’re new to Powertex and would like to know more I recommend you start here!

Mixed media canvas with Powertex and Powerwax by Kore Sage

Mixed media canvas with Powertex and Powerwax by Kore Sage


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