Mixed media Halloween art

This project was made for the Powertex UK Design Team using the Secret Art Box. The October 2019 subscription box was packed full of spooky embellishments, mdf shapes and plaster pieces, fabric and Powercotton, and a stencil as well as Black Powertex Universal Medium, pigments and Easy Varnish. Everything I needed to make some dark mixed media. Pick up similar embellishments and pieces from craft stores or take a look on Powertex UK.


Powertex Mixed media Halloween art project by Kore Sage

Powertex mixed media by Kore Sage

The original step by step guide to this project was published on the Powertex UK Mixed Media Magazine. Watch the time-lapse video of me creating it, and read the tips for creating your own.

Why do I use Powertex Universal Medium?

Powertex Universal Medium is a paint, glue and fabric hardener which makes it perfect for creating mixed media art and crafts. No need to switch products and no need to hot glue. All the pieces in this project have been coated and layered with Black Powertex and speed dried with a hairdryer before adding layers of colour.

Use Black Powertex to paint, glue and harden materials

Use Powertex to paint, glue and harden materials

The key to successful mixed media projects like these is to use a variety of textures. Being generous with your pieces helps but they don’t all need to be your favourite embellishments either. Create foundation layers with cardboard and fabric textures or use scraps of clay to create dimension. Corrugated card is brilliant but tearing up any packaging or tissue paper can give great textures.

Add a focal point with a plaster skull

Add a focal point

Create a focal point to finish off your piece brilliantly. This could be something large or just different to the pieces around it. In this project I added a plaster skull on top of an mdf spider web. Use small textures at the end like the 3d balls and Powercotton threads. Watch how I put the layers together in this time-lapse video.

Add colour with Powertex Powercolor pigments

Using powder pigments like Powercolor can seem strange if you’re used to paint or inks but these pigments are potent and versatile. For this project, damp your brush with Easy Varnish and dip into the powder pigment to mix this into a paint on a craft mat.

A dry-ish paint is good for highlighting textures in this project but use a flat brush and drag it over your project. Build up colour slowly and if you don’t like what you’ve done, simply paint over it with another layer of colour.

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful for making your own mixed media projects. Share you own Halloween Powertex projects in my Facebook group.

Powertex halloween pin

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