Powertex Universal Medium

Powertex Universal Medium is a unique product that has completely changed the way I make art. It’s also known as Powertex Fabric Hardener but it’s the same product. There’s a whole range of Powertex products that work together to create textured art and extraordinary crafts. Would you like to know how to use Powertex Universal Medium?

Powertex universal medium and supplies

Powertex is unlike other mediums so I experimented a lot. There were a few basic things that really helped once I had them figured out.

Powertex Rusty Letter Art by Kore Sage

Mixed media powertex by Kore Sage

Powertex mixed media canvas by Kore Sage

What is Powertex?

Powertex (Universal Medium) is a water-based, liquid medium that hardens fabric. It is also a strong adhesive and heavy paint that can be used with a wide variety of materials. Artists and crafters love to use Powertex to create figure sculptures, textured art and mixed media layers.

Because it’s so versatile it’s tricky to explain everything you can do with it! It works best with natural materials although this includes a huge range such as textiles, card, cork, metal and wood. Powertex doesn’t play well with soft plastics as it can peel off but there are ways around this. Coat fabrics to harden them, brush onto surfaces to paint them or to glue layers together.

Take a look at my free guides to Powertex and find out how this magic medium can help you create the project of your dreams! I’ve seen incredible art from altered bottles, mixed media crafts and textured canvases to life size figures and outdoor sculptures.

The range also includes rust medium, texture mediums, powder pigments, inks and paints.

Download your free guide to Powertex

Powertex free guide for beginnersI’ve put my Powertex Universal Medium basics into a 2 page pdf for you to download. This guide includes some of my top tips for Powertex. Find out more about Powertex and how to get started.





The pdf includes:

  • What is Powertex?
  • What materials work best?
  • How to sculpt fabric
  • Creating mixed media art
  • My top tutor tips

Head over to the Free Guides to get your copy where you will also find a Guide to Powertex Bister and project ideas. These are all designed for beginners to Powertex products.

Take a look at my eBook “Get Crafting with Powertex” in my Etsy shop. It’s a 13 page pdf for instant download, with photo inspiration, instruction and tips for creating your own art and craft projects at home.

I’m a Certified Powertex Tutor in the UK and create art with Powertex products. Find a series of articles for beginners including product techniques and step by step tutorials for craft projects.

I get my supplies from Powertex UK.

How to use Powertex nNiversal Medium