Handmade gifts with Powertex and glass

When you’re hand-making gifts with Powertex there’s lots of inspiration. Altered bottles, decorated wine glasses and fairy houses are high up on the list of gift ideas. All these use a glass base to create something unique. If you’d like to try using Powertex on glass here’s some tips to get you started.

Black and Gold Powertex Tumblers

What materials do I need?

Powertex works great on glass which can be decorated with fabric, Stone Art, embellishments and pigments to create beautiful items. Hang onto nice glass bottles or use inexpensive glasses for a great base for your project. Old wine glasses become beautiful goblets and bottles turn into lamps and vases. Wash out jars with lids to make perfect fairy homes for the garden and create in your favourite colours and styles.

Use any colour of Powertex Universal Medium but remember the Transparent isn’t weatherproof so avoid if your creation is going outside. Easy Varnish is a great way to protect any powder pigment colour you add. Remember that Powertex works best with natural materials so get creative with your textures!

Powertex art and craft supplies

Choose your favourite base colour of Powertex medium and don’t forget to grab your metallic Colortricx pigments if you want a bit of sparkle. Black or Bronze Powertex are a great start for beginners, they make your colour pigments pop when you highlight the textures.

If you’re new to using Powertex you can find some basics here or get a beginner’s tutorial in my Etsy shop.

Here’s some Powertex on glass inspiration

My top tips:

  • Glass can be slippery so leave labels on bottles for extra grip
  • Pieces of masking tape can help if you’re struggling
  • Projects for outdoors need 3 weeks to cure, so give yourself enough time

Find out more

There’s a Quick Guide to Powertex on Glass in my Etsy shop that includes a supplies list, recommended for beginners, project ideas, tips and instruction for an altered bottle.

I’m in the UK and get my tutor supplies from Powertex UK. Here you can find the whole range of fabric hardeners, pigments, texture mediums and more. Now it’s time to raid your craft stash and create your own gifts with Powertex and glass.

Find out more about using Powertex products with the tutorials in my Etsy shop or follow me on Instagram where I share tips and hints.