Halloween decorations with Powertex

It’s time to get your Powertex out and make your Halloween decorations. That means creepy DIY decor and spooky table decorations and some gothic garden art and sculptures to share with the neighbours!

What do I need to know about Powertex?

Powertex Universal Medium (sometimes called fabric hardener) is very versatile. Use it as a hardener for textiles to painting and glueing all kinds of materials! It’s a mixed media must-have.

Imagine fabric hardener ghosts, textured pumpkin decorations (without the endless scooping of real pumpkin) and themed table decorations. It’s weatherproof so your creepy creations can even go outside.

But it does need three weeks to cure. So if your makes are headed outside, get started! Powertex Halloween decorations don’t have to be difficult, take a look at these quick and simple ideas.

Halloween Powertex ideas

Ok so I don’t have a garden so I don’t make a lot of projects for outside but I’ve got a few things to show you. All these projects are made with Powertex and have been finished with Easy Varnish to protect the pigments. This means they could all be used outdoors too.

The usual Powertex rules apply here. If you can imagine it, Powertex can help you make it.

  • Skulls, skeletons, heads or figures (check out the amazing Alex Henry Mixed Media!)
  • Table decorations such as themed glasses, bowls and LED candle holders
  • Themed wreaths, door and garden signs
  • Altered bottles, Potion vials and treasure chests
  • Fabric ghosts, ghouls and monsters

Gothic mixed media layers art

This make was originally for the Powertex UK design team and was created using a kit of themed supplies but Halloween themed embellishments are easy to find in craft shops so you can create something like this. Use your favourite colour scheme and add chipboard letter to make door signs.

New to Powertex?

Have you got a question about any of these projects? Leave a comment or contact me in the Facebook group or on Instagram.

If you’d like to know more about Powertex and the magical things it can do, I recommend you start with 10 things about Powertex or take a look here at the resources.

I’m a certified Powertex tutor and get my supplies from Powertex UK.


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