Halloween decorations with Powertex

It’s time to get your Powertex out and make your Halloween decorations. From ghosts and goblets to garden sculptures, Powertex is perfect for your Autumn crafting.

What do I need to know about Powertex?

Powertex Universal Medium is very versatile. Use it as a hardener for natural textiles and for painting and glueing all kinds of materials. It’s a mixed media must-have product. The range also includes pigments and textures to enhance your projects.

Powertex Bister bottles by Kore Sage

Imagine fabric hardener ghosts, textured pumpkin decorations, potion bottles and gorgeous goblets. Powertex is weatherproof so your creepy creations can even go outside.

Powertex does need three weeks to cure so if your makes are for outdoors, give yourself plenty of time. Take a look at these quick and simple ideas.

Halloween Powertex craft ideas

Halloween goblets, pumpkins and ghosts, decorations made with Powertex on a black table

Textured goblets

I painted wine glasses with Black Powertex Universal Medium and layered on Stone Art powder for the texture. Leave to dry before brushing off excess powder and painting with black Powertex. When dry, use a dry brush technique to highlight the textures with metallic Colortricx pigments. Mix these with Easy Varnish to protect the colour. (If you want to use the glasses, leave the rims clean of products and hand wash only.)

Powertex textured goblets in purple and green

String pumpkins

Coat string pieces in red or orange Powertex. Wrap these around an inflated ballon or scrunched up plastic bag and leave to set for a couple of hours. Add a string stalk. You will need to remove your mould before the fabric hardener completely sets so do this while it’s still soft but able to hold it’s shape.

Paint highlights with acrylic or Powercolor pigments mixed with Easy Varnish when completely set.

Hanging fabric ghosts

These are quick and easy and look amazing if you hang a few together. Cut squares of white lightweight fabric such as muslin. Your ghosts will be about half the height of your square. Coat the squares with Powertex (white or ivory is great) drape this over a bottle to set. If you don’t have a plastic bottle cover it with cling film or a plastic bag to stop your ghost sticking. When set, punch a hole in the top and add a hanging thread or string. Draw on eyes with a marker or paint.

Decorated bottles

Altered bottles are easy with Powertex. Use scraps of fabric, string and some Halloween embellishments to decorate the glass. Coat your fabric with Ivory Powertex Universal Medium and layer over the bottle keeping lots of overlaps and wrinkles in the fabric. Coat and wrap string or threads. Paint and stick skulls with Powertex and add as a focal point.

When dry, spray your bottle generously with Bister or acrylic sprays. I like Bister because the colours are muted. Leave to dry and repeat if required. (Bister is not permanent but a spray varnish will protect the colour if needed.)

Powertex and Bister Bottle

Use the same technique with dark Powertex and Powercolor highlights for potion bottles and candle holders. Use LED candles, NOT naked flames.

Powertex altered bottle and glasses with skulls and roses

Crafting ideas with Powertex

If you can imagine it, Powertex can help you make it.

  • Skulls, skeletons, heads or figures (check out the amazing Alex Henry Mixed Media for gothic inspiration)
  • Table decorations such as textured wine glasses, bowls and LED candle holders
  • Themed wreaths, door and garden signs
  • Altered bottles, potion vials and treasure chests
  • Fabric ghosts and ghouls
  • Mixed media art
  • Cosplay, costumes, accessories, jewellery and props

Powertex potion bottles

Gothic mixed media layered art

This mixed media art was originally made for the Powertex UK design team and was created using a kit of themed supplies. Halloween themed embellishments are easy to find in craft shops so you can create something like this. Use your favourite colour scheme and add chipboard letters to make signs for a door or garden.

Gothic style mixed media art with skulls

Top tips

  • Powertex products are designated non-toxic but they are not considered food safe.
  • Bister pigments are perfect for adding an aged look to fabric but it’s not permanent. Use a UV spray varnish on top of these to protect them.
  • Powertex Universal Medium is cured after 3 weeks then it can go outside.
  • Mix powder pigments with Easy Varnish which will protect the colour.
  • Do not use naked flames with your Powertex projects, it is NOT fireproof.

Where can I find out about Powertex?

Have you got a question about any of these projects? You can contact me in the Facebook group.

If you’d like to know more about Powertex and the magical things it can do, I recommend you start with 10 things about Powertex or take a look here where I share my resources. On this website you can find lots of blogs, free guides to download and advice on where to go if you want to learn more.

I’m a certified Powertex tutor and get my supplies from Powertex UK. I’m based in Brighton but there are trained tutors across the UK offering workshops and demonstrations. You can find more details at Powertex UK.

[Updated September 2023]