If you’ve been to my Powertex workshops you know there can be a lot to remember! These notes were originally put together for my students to use after a workshop. Now, I’ve gathered all my tips and tricks for using Powertex into a guide for beginners. Whether you’ve been to a Powertex workshop or not, you can confidently try crafting with Powertex at home.

Remind yourself of the basics about Powertex that you need to know to get started on your Powertex mixed media crafting. It also answers common questions if you can’t get to a Powertex workshop.

You can download your copy of this colour pdf ebook in my Etsy shop.

Get crafting with Powertex for beginners

What’s included in this 13 page pdf digital download

“Get crafting with Powertex” pdf is for crafters who are beginners to Powertex Universal Medium and no previous experience of Powertex is required.

Powertex top tips for beginnersPowertex is a water based, liquid medium that I use in my own mixed media art and crafts. In this download I’m sharing the basics you need to know to use Powertex Universal Medium in your own crafts. This pdf contains the basic information and instruction you need to start using Powertex for crafting. This download does not include any specific project tutorials although it does contain a list of project ideas for beginners.

  • What is Powertex Universal Medium?
  • What makes Powertex Universal Medium great for crafting and
  • the unique properties of Powertex
  • What materials can be used for best results
  • How to apply Powertex Universal Medium for different crafts
  • Your questions answered
  • My tutor top tips
  • Project ideas for beginners to Powertex

It’s the perfect reminder or introduction for beginners using Powertex for mixed media crafting home and I hope you’ll find it helpful. Just pop over to my Etsy shop to get your instant download. (I recommend you use Etsy through an account, rather than as a guest as this ensures faster access to the download.)


Happy Powertexing!