Have you tried the Bister ink sprays from Powertex? These water based sprays are really unique. This Powertex mixed media art was created while I tried lots of different Bister techniques.

Mixed Media Powertex canvas by Kore Sage

Powertex Mixed Media Canvas with Bister  by Kore Sage

I used Bister sprays with Powertex Universal Medium on this piece and no other pigments or paints. Spot the gorgeous crackle effect! Some people have asked me if I’ve used Rusty Powder on this while others have assumed there are powder pigments. The only pigment I used was Bister. See how it creates different effects depending on the surface it’s sprayed on to? This is why I love it so much, it’s not a one-trick pony!

Bister isn’t just about canvas art either. The sprays make it perfect for fabric sculpture, bottle art, figure sculptures and anything else. It does seem to work best with Powertex though!

Powertex glass bottles by Kore Sage

Bister on Ivory Powertex fabric sculpture

While it’s perfect for adding depth to your textures there are some unique techniques for Powertex and Bister. The crackle technique and the faux stone effect are always popular.

Powertex planets with Bister, Art by Kore Sage

Powertex and Bister planet art by Kore Sage

If you like to create textured art I really recommend you give it a try. Also if you’re new to Powertex Bister you might find this article helpful.

Digital downloads

I have a free download for beginners, The pdf includes a recommended supply list, basic instruction for use and my top tutor tips. Download your free guide now.

Download “Powertex Quick Guide to Bister by Kore Sage” Powertex-Quick-Guide-to-Bister-by-Kore-Sage.pdf – Downloaded 1301 times – 150 KB

If you’ve tried Bister or would like to learn more techniques why not check out my Powertex Bister Masterclass. It’s a digital download of everything I teach in my Masterclass workshop, including all my top tutor tips, techniques, a step by step photo tutorial for my signature style Bister art, plus 3 quick guides. Find all the details in my Etsy shop, where you can download the Masterclass pdf instantly.

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