Last year I discovered Art2Life and did a free online workshop with Nicholas Wilton. I don’t remember how I found it but I remember signing up at the last minute and wondering if it I was even good enough to be there. I should not have worried. I learned so much in that workshop. I had two huge “How did I not know that?” moments and things I had struggled with just made more sense. He is a gentle teacher and I love his philosophy of Art 2 Life.

I’m sharing this because the free workshop comes round once a year, before he launches his annual Creative Visionary Programme (which I also took last year). This year it starts 14th February. This 3 part online course shifted things for me in my art making and in my art life. If you’re ready to level up, whatever style of art you make, I really recommend it. You can find out more here.

Free Art2Life workshop

There’s still time to sign up. If you want to see how my art shifted after taking the courses take a look at my Instagram account from last year. You don’t have to be an abstract artist to take the course and there are no supplies to gather. Just watch the classes, chat in the Facebook group if you like and take it all in. And yes the principles he teaches can be applied to Powertex art.

Powertex painting by Kore Sage

I also recommend their YouTube channel which is packed with abstract art making and teaching. I hope you sign up and if you do I may see you there. I’ll be following along because last year was so much fun!

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