Stone Art

Stone Art is a paper based texture product with multiple uses and is designed to work with Powertex Universal Medium. As an artist, I’ve used a range of texture mediums to add dimension and structure from modelling pastes to beaded gels. Use Stone Art to create soft organic textures, pastes and clay.

The art below uses Powertex Universal Medium, Stone Art and powder pigments in the top section. (The bottom red section is Powertex and Bister.)

Powertex Art Kore Sage

What is Stone Art?

The product is pale, light-weight, powdery and paper based. It’s also dry which means it can be used dry, wet or combined with other products. Mix it with Powertex Universal Medium to varying degrees and make a textured paste up to an air drying clay. In it’s dry form, sprinkle, press or mix on a wet surface with Powertex, paint or with other mediums. It doesn’t add to the drying time and a little goes a long way.

Powertex stone art

Creating textures

A huge variety of textures can be created with this paper product from fine and shallow to deep and defined or sculptural elements. Layer with acrylic paint or Powertex for an interesting surface. Apply dry onto a wet surface, mix with wet media such as paint or Powertex or make thick pastes and clays.

Powertex on canvas by Kore Sage

Adding colour to the textured surface

Stone Art is very absorbent. While it can be used dry on a wet surface to create texture it will soak up wet colour. The art above used defined areas of Black Powertex with dry Stone Art pressed and rubbed into the surface. Dry pigments were then rubbed into the Stone Art and Powertex to create these blended areas of colour.

Use your favourite colour products on the surface to see what you like, Bister, acrylic paint, inks or Powercolor pigments all give different effects.

Ideas for using Stone Art

For Powertex artists:

  • Press a layer of Stone Art powder into a wet Powertex surface and leave to dry. Brush off loose powder before adding the next layer.
  • Mix Stone Art with Powertex or acrylic paint for a lightly textured paint. Apply with a palette knife.
  • Create a large textured focal point in an abstract piece by mixing Powertex and Stone Art directly on the surface. Add the Stone Art in small amounts to build up the thickness and mix with a large palette knife or scraper.

For mixed media crafters:

  • Mix Stone Art 50/50 with Powertex Universal Medium to make an air drying clay. Add a little powder at a time to the liquid, mixing until you have a “dough”.
  • Use the clay in moulds, on armatures for figures or animals or to add details to mixed media art.
  • Apply Stone Art to wet Powertex-coated items for a textured finish on most surfaces.
Powertex stone art star
Textured face with Powertex by Kore Sage
Powertex goblets

Stone art projects for the Powertex Design Team

I used Stone Art for several projects for the Powertex Design Team and you can see more of these here. I also have a basic video tutorial for creating a faux stone effect with Bister sprays.

What else do I need to know?

Stone Art is light and powdery so it’s not a good product to use in a draughty or windy space. It will blow everywhere given the chance. Check your container is shut before you get the hairdryer or heat gun on!

Keep it dry in a sealable plastic container or bag because it will absorb moisture.

It’s a very fine, dusty powder, so if you think that might be uncomfortable for you, wear a dust mask or try something else.

New to Powertex?

If you’re a beginner to Powertex I have some free downloads to get you started. If you need a bit more there’s also my tutor guide to Crafting with Powertex. It’s got all the basics you need to start using this great product in your mixed media crafts.

I’m a Powertex tutor in the UK and get my supplies from Powertex UK.