Hand making Christmas decorations is popular for a reason. We not only get to make things but also have a use for our creations, bring them out year after year and pass them onto family. I created a Powertex Christmas wreath for the Powertex UK design team using the Winter Secret Art Box which had a red and gold theme, so I layered up the sparkle for a rose gold finish. It can even be used outdoors when cured!

Powertex Christmas wreath by Kore Sage

This project first appeared in the Powertex UK Mixed Media Magazine.

Make your own Powertex Christmas wreath

  • Polystyrene ring
  • Ivory Powertex Universal Medium
  • Rice or tissue paper
  • Fabric strips, string, t-shirt yarn
  • Christmas themed embellishments in wood, metal, resin or plaster
  • Lava acrylic ink spray from Powertex UK or similar
  • Powder pigments (Colortricx in Pearl, Clear Gold and Rich Gold)
  • Easy Varnish
  • Optional star stencil and Easy Structure texture paste

Supplies need for a Powertex Christmas Wreath

Using a polystyrene base makes it easy to get started but you could also use an mdf or chipboard ring or even harden fabric into the size you want with Powertex Universal Medium.

How to build your Powertex layers

Use shallow textures first on your base and then bigger textures later. My basic layers are as follows:

  • Ivory Powertex Universal Medium, painted over the polystyrene
  • Ripped paper strips onto wet Powertex in some areas
  • Fabric strips coated with Ivory Powertex, wrapped around the rest
  • Pieces of string and t-shirt yarn coated with Ivory Powertex to add texture
  • Stencil textured stars with Easy Structure in flat areas
  • Embellishments coated and glued into place with Ivory Powertex for a focal point

Notice how the Powertex medium is a primer, paint, fabric hardener and glue! This stage was left to dry thoroughly before adding colour.

Using colour with Powertex

Lava acrylic ink spray was included in the subscription box, spray this generously over the whole wreath. The ink runs into the textures and can be repeated or blended with other colour inks until you like the colour. I tried an Aqua ink on the edges to add depth but this was way too dark. When it was dry I repeated the Ivory Powertex and Lava ink on the sides.

Ivory Powertex and Lava acrylic ink

When dry, mix powder pigments to paint over the top of this. Use Clear Gold, Pearl and some Rich Gold around the edges to create more depth. Use a little Easy Varnish on a craft mat and mix small amounts of powder pigment into it with flat brush.

On this project I painted the whole piece with the Pearl pigment for lots of sparkle. Then build up the Clear Gold and Rich Gold slowly with a dry brushing technique, until the whole piece is shimmering!

Shimmering Powertex Christmas wreath decoration

Add a hook to the back of the wreath with Powertex fabric hardener and a small strip of fabric folded and pressed into place. When dry this will be strong enough to hang your decoration.

This lovely family Powertex project is simple for beginners and is fun with the kids in the run up to Christmas. Remember, the Powertex is weatherproof but needs 3 weeks to cure before going outside, so make it in plenty of time if it’s for your front door!

Powertex Christmas wreath by Kore Sage

As a tutor, I get all my supplies from Powertex UK. Take a look at my Powertex craft projects or my free guides if you’re new to Powertex Universal Medium and looking for some basic tips!