I use a variety of Powertex products in my art and there’s a range of products for adding colour beyond acrylic paint. As a beginner, some of the products might be unfamiliar to you too. Here’s a quick guide to choosing colour products for your Powertex mixed media art or craft.

Powder pigments – Powercolor and Colortricx

These intense pigments are dry when purchased. They need to be mixed with a liquid binder to create a paint. Using Easy Varnish as the binder mixes a weatherproof and hardwearing paint. You can also mix your own colours with the intensity you want. Colortricx pigments are pearl and metallic colours.

This paint is perfect for a dry brushing technique to highlight textures in fabric sculpture and textured mixed media crafts. After creating your base with a single colour of Powertex it can be daunting to start! Dive in and layer up different colours and shades for best results. I prefer to use these pigments on a dark Powertex base, black, bronze, lead, red or blue.

These can also be mixed into Powertex Universal Medium and Easy Structure to add colour.

Adding colour with powder pigments

Bister sprays and granules

Bister is my favourite of the Powertex range. The colours are muted and not to everyone’s taste but the ready mixed sprays and granules create really unique effects.

Bister inks are best used on a lighter coloured Powertex base. I recommend Ivory, White or Yellow Ochre. Use the sprays generously and let the inks run into the textures. Wipe away highlights with a sponge. Bister is not permanent and I like to finish with a spray varnish.

If you want to get more out of your Bister, try my Bister Masterclass download and make unique Powertex Bister art.

Powertex Bister sprays

Acrylic paint

Acrylic paint is a great way to add bright pops of colour to your Powertex art. This paint works best on a White or Ivory Powertex base. Layer up for best results, blend colours and be sure your Powertex base is dry first.

Acrylic ink

Inks work best on Ivory or White Powertex but if you have opaque acrylic inks they will still add colour to a darker layer. Use on any type of textures from fabric sculpture to structured canvas art. Blend inks on the surface or layer transparent colours.

Using Powertex colour product, acrylic inks

Powertex Universal Medium

It’s worth remembering that Powertex Universal Medium is fully mixable. It’s available in 12 colours but it’s possible to mix your own for your project. Using a coloured base can put a different energy into your project and is great for you if you’re ready to add more colour to your projects.

For sculpture projects, a darker colour can be a more convenient base as it adds to the shadows. Try mixing a dark blue, red or purple for something different in your figure sculptures. Lighter shades could be just what you need to create a lighter feeling in your art.

Mixing pastel colours with powertex, choosing Powertex colour product

I hope you have found these tutor tips helpful. There’s lots of information here on the blog for beginners to Powertex. If you are new to Powertex start with my top tips for beginners or take a look at my eBook Get Crafting with Powertex where you can find the instruction you need to get started.


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