Beginners Projects by Kore Sage

5 Powertex projects for beginners

Have you got a bottle of Powertex Universal Medium in your craft supplies? Are you overwhelmed by the possibilities? Yes I understand. You buy that shiny new product at a craft fair or on a shopping channel. By the time it reaches your craft table you’ve forgotten the brilliant idea Read more…

What is Powertex?

What is Powertex?

What is Powertex? Powertex Universal Medium is sometimes known as Fabric Hardener although it’s usually shortened to Powertex. It is a liquid medium used in mixed media art, crafts and sculpture. If you have some in your supplies and want to know how to use it, go here. It’s water Read more…

10 things about Powertex questions

10 things about Powertex

Powertex Universal Medium is used in mixed media projects of all kinds from garden fairy houses and figure sculptures to paintings and jewellery. But what exactly is it? Here are 10 things about Powertex to help answer that: