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Powertex rust art

Powertex rust art is about creating organic and natural textures. This abstract art starts out playing with Bister sprays and Rusty Powder with no plan. I took my favourite colours and tools and so I was still in my comfort zone. Create your own Bister and rust art by building Read more…

Powertex painting by Kore Sage

5 Powertex projects for 2020

I’m thinking about my top 5 Powertex projects for 2020. A new year usually means new plans and ideas and clearing out the old to make way for the new. Sometimes, it’s about building on what you’ve already done rather than letting it go! I spent a lot of time Read more…

Mixed Media Powertex Bister canvas by Kore Sage

Free Quick Guide to Powertex Bister

Have you tried the Bister ink sprays from Powertex? These water based sprays are really unique. This Powertex mixed media art was created while I tried lots of different Bister techniques. I used Bister sprays with Powertex Universal Medium on this piece and no other pigments or paints. Spot the Read more…

Fractured, Mixed media painting by Kore Sage Art

Summer Exhibition with the Adur Art Collective

It’s time for the Summer Exhibition 2019 in Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex. The Collective has over 150 artists working in a variety of materials and techniques from oil painters and award winning watercolorists to sculptors, photographers and jewellers. This year I will have a mixed media painting on display and despite the Read more…

Ugly phases art by Kore Sage

The ugly phases – work in progress

I’m elbow deep in paint while I study an intensive three month art course. It’s been an extraordinary journey to week 10 and I’m using all my creative time and energy on it. The most frustrating part is that there’s no beautiful finished paintings to share. Let’s talk about the Read more…

Powertex Stone Art and Bister art by Kore Sage

Bister and Stone Art in Powertex mixed media art

For the next article about how I use Powertex Bister, I’m revisiting an old favourite technique. Creating a stone effect with Stone Art and Bister is an impressive technique that looks amazing on craft projects and can amaze people with it’s realistic finish. However, it’s also a useful technique for mixed media art. (more…)