West Pier Brighton Art Inspiration

How I inspire my art with photos

I intended to write a blog about how I use Powertex Bister granules this week. Particularly my favourite blue ones, on Ivory Powertex with some Rusty Powder thrown in. However, we can’t always get straight to the art table and open the Powertex so this is what I do instead. Read more…

Powertex structure lamp by Kore Sage

Building a Powertex structure

In April my Powertex Design Team project was to create a lamp. There are so many possibilities of course but I wanted to show how to create a sturdy Powertex structure lamp using a bottle as a mould. Powertex Universal Medium is a powerful fabric hardener when used with natural Read more…

Insignia Powertex canvas by Kore Sage

Why choose Powertex?

Powertex Universal Medium is a versatile art and craft medium and can be used in many different ways and styles. If you're new to Powertex it can seem a bit overwhelming. Here's a quick guide to why you should choose Powertex in your art and craft.

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