Detail of new art September 2021

Art table notes September 2021

On the September art table, the handmade book is finished and new artwork in deep blues is getting ready for the gallery. The Powertex blog takes a look at seasonal projects to make for Autumn. At the gallery The new work for Clarkes of Sussex in Brighton is in the Read more…

Mixing Powertex colours

Powertex colour mixing

Mixing pastel colours was my challenge for the Powertex UK Design Team this month. I mixed pastel colours with Powertex Universal Medium for some simple Spring bottle vases. I like to mix my Powertex colours but it’s not familiar to everyone so here’s a short guide to Powertex colour mixing! (more…)

Handmade art journal pages using sketches

Art table notes July 2021

On the July art table I worked in a handmade book, finished some paintings on paper and took part in a community mural project. I also reflected on my Powertex workshops. Art journaling in a handmade book I got inspired by art journals and sketchbooks on YouTube this month and Read more…

Butterfly panted onto a wall mural by Kore Sage

Painting a butterfly mural

In Brighton, Clarkes art shop and gallery is in the creative heart of the city, the North Laine. Street art is a frequent sight and the staff of Clarkes add their own mural every summer. Gathering artists together Over thirty artists and makers display their work in the gallery upstairs Read more…

Powertex art with acrylic paint by Kore Sage

Powertex and Acrylic

Can I use acrylic paint with Powertex? Acrylic paint is plastic based so I was cautious to add it to my Powertex artwork. Soft plastics don’t tend to play well with Powertex and they can peel away from Powertex surfaces. Have you ever peeled dry Powertex from your plate or Read more…

Mixed media art on paper by Kore Sage Art Curious Tales series

Art table notes June 2021

June 2021 at the Kore Sage Art table On the June art table I’ve been painting for the Curious Tales series on canvases and paper and reflecting on the introduction of pinks and working on paper. I wrote a blog full of my favourite Powertex links and shared artists, makers Read more…

Powertex art and craft supplies

Powertex links and resources

What is Powertex? Powertex universal medium is a mixed media art and craft supply that is a fabric hardener, paint and adhesive. The range of products includes fabric hardeners, texture mediums and different colour pigments and more. Powertex for beginners If you’re a beginner, here are some links to help Read more…

Line sketches and drawings on my art table May 2021

Art table notes May 2021

May 2021 at the art table On the art table in May I’ve been painting for the Curious Tales series to take to the gallery and to share with my Instagram followers. I’m still loving these ocean blues and purples. I also wrote a blog about the importance of taking Read more…

making art for mental health, art with crayons

Making art and mental health

Making art for mental health This week has been Mental Health Awareness week in the UK. I’ve been sharing my thoughts and some resources over in my Instagram stories during the last few days, in particular links to support. It’s a subject very close to my heart and going by Read more…