For the next article about how I use Powertex Bister, I’m revisiting an old favourite technique. Creating a stone effect with Stone Art and Bister is an impressive technique that looks amazing on craft projects and can amaze people with it’s realistic finish. However, it’s also a useful technique for mixed media art.

Using Powertex Bister on a Stone Art surface

If you’d like to know how to create the Stone Art surface, you might find this blog helpful. You can use this technique to create your surface but here I’m focussing on the Bister colour.

Powertex bister projects

The porous surface created by Stone Art is quite unique for adding colour. The muted tones of Bister on top can be layered multiple times for subtle changes in the surface. Bister can be sprayed generously and wiped back with a damp cloth or sponge to create highlights.

Here’s a demonstration of the technique on styrofoam but see below for how I’ve experimented with different things to get different results.

Experimenting with Powertex, Bister and Stone Art

Here are some other examples of how I experimented with Powertex Bister and Stone Art. I like some techniques more than others but there’s plenty of happy accidents along the way.

Brown Bister spray on wet Powertex and Stone Art

Bister on Wet Powertex

Using Brown and Blue areas on dry Stone Art

Adding Easy Structure paste and Ivory Powertex after the Bister was dry

Powertex bister and Stone art layers

Using Bister granules to create a wash on dry Stone Art and fabric textures

Bister granules as a wash with Stone Art

Powertex Bister is not permanent so does need sealing with a spray varnish when your art is finished.

Find out more

If you’re new to Powertex Bister you might find this blog useful. You can also download my free digital Quick Guide to Bister as a quick printable reference.

I also have a digital Powertex Bister Masterclass available in my Etsy shop. This instant download includes everything you need to know about using Bister from how and when to use Bister, a tutorial of my signature style Bister art and techniques to use in your own art and craft projects.

I’m a Powertex tutor and love to share my Powertex experiments. I get my supplies from Powertex UK and I’m also a member of the Powertex design team. You can find lots of Powertex art and craft projects, tips and my design team creations over at the Powertex UK Mixed Media Magazine.

To see more of my Powertex art you can get inspired in the Gallery.