September 2020 at the art table

September brought extraordinary changes in the weather from a glorious warm late summer swim to cool stormy days and cosy nights of Autumn. I was excited to be Featured Artist at Adur Art Collective this month just in time to launch my latest abstract seascapes series. The cooler grey days inspired me to splash about some vibrant colours and marks on a couple of “play” canvases and I mixed up a “magical” palette in my sketchbook.

A series of abstract seascapes

This series of bright abstracts express my love of the local beach but these paintings developed into more than seasonal beach skies and glimpses of the much loved West Pier. As we moved through 2020 I painted change, resistance and how we adapted to unexpected events. These paintings mark a time as well as a place for me. Launched this month, I was excited and grateful for the positive comments on the colour and energy of these paintings. See the collection here.

Red and orange abstract seascape by Kore Sage launched September 2020

A magical colour palette

My sketchbook this month is all about colour mixing. I opened a new art table Sketchbook, (my current favourite is this one from Seawhites which can take paint and ink really well). The book I mentioned last month, Perfect Palette by Lauren Wager arrived quickly and opened my eyes to using colour palettes to create different moods. I was so inspired by the cool “Magical” palettes of blues and purples and began mixing up some options and looking for ways to add my favourite oranges.

Colour palette magic in September 2020

Powertex Quick Guide

The Powertex supplies have been waiting patiently this month for my attention. I get a lot of questions about how I use Rusty Powder in my art so I’ve added a new Rusty Powder Quick Guide to the Etsy store.  This one is a short introduction for beginners who are looking for a basic recipe and instruction as well as my tutor tips and tricks for using rust in your Powertex art. There’s also a Powertex rust and Bister blog here.

Quick guide Powertex Rusty Powder, Rust art

Colour play

I work on a “play” canvas or board to experiment with colour and mark making and try things I might not want to risk on a “real” painting! I have a couple of canvases that have been many paintings before that are great for this. This week I’m using the new palette of blues and purples and practicing finding quiet spaces in the chaos! Find close ups in my Instagram.

As the days get shorter and the light at the art table is fading, it’s time to pull out the daylight lamp and a warmer sweater and maybe a little kit for arting on the sofa under a blanket! I love the warmth and light of summer but Autumn brings it’s own magic, I hope you can find a little as the seasons change.

Until next month from my art table,