The October art table

On the October art table some new art is developing in the deep blue series and the warmer palette is bringing challenges. The sketchbook is swapped for some handmade zines and I’ve been sharing some Halloween Powertex projects.

At the gallery

The first paintings from the deep blue series didn’t hang around for long before finding new homes. Only “A Dash of Salt” remains in the gallery at Clarkes of Sussex in Brighton. I’ll be adding to these pieces in November along with some new paintings in warmer colours.

Deep blue seascape painting by Kore Sage

A Dash of Salt acrylic painting by Kore Sage

New art in warmer colours

These pieces began with an orange mid-tone but as I added layers in my warmer palette I noticed something that was very different to the heavy blues I had been working with before. These yellows and oranges were very transparent. It was becoming increasingly difficult to layer up and keep any contrast.  Mixing in whites is helping to create lighter values but I’m not happy with the peachy colours. I love the look of the black/violet marks though.

Small orange acrylic abstract landscape painting

I’ll need to add more layers to these paintings to increase the contrast and quieten down some areas but they are heading in the right direction.

Creating a zine

I can remember zines being very popular with local art students in the 90s. They would sell their handmade creations from stalls along with stickers and badges. While many had a political theme others were full of drawings and poetry. They were often handprinted or photocopied on cheap paper in short print runs.

I love that anyone can make a zine to publish their art, writing or anything else and they are still popular. They are accessible and can be simple and made on a tight budget and at home.

I bought a couple of great copies on Etsy including this one about how to make a zine! There’s something special about these purchases from the thoughtful wrapping to the handwritten notes.

A green and black zine photographed with wrapping and handwritten note

So I’ve been working on my own design for a zine. I have a huge list of ideas but I need to figure out how I’m going to put them together and then print them. These test copies of the cover were made on my old inkjet printer. Next I’ll figure out how to add text to some background art for the pages.

Printing covers for a homemade zine

Halloween creations with Powertex

Halloween is a great time to show off your Powertex creations. Fabric sculpture and texture are perfect for making spooky decorations and props. While I didn’t find time to create anything new this year, it was great to share some spooky favourites and tips on my Instagram.

Halloween Powertex goblets, fabric ghost and string pumpkins

The goblets use Stone Art and metallic pigments to create gorgeous textured wine glasses. I made a whole string of cute little cheesecloth ghosts with white Powertex medium. Any thin fabric works well for these. String pumpkins are easy too. Coat cotton string or yarn with a mix of red and yellow Powertex medium. Wrap the string around an inflated balloon and leave to set for a few hours before cutting it out. They can be squashed into a pumpkin shape while still soft.

These ideas are great for Halloween craft projects but the techniques can be used in a variety of other creations. The goblets can be made for any celebration table and even used if you leave the rims clean. There’s some tips for using Powertex on glass in this blog.

Powertex workshops

My workshops are on hold but my written tutorials are still in my Etsy shop and you can find me at Powertex With Kore on Instagram. I’ll keep you updated if this situation changes.

From my art table in October until next month,

Kore x

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