The November art table

In November the art table saw a lot of pthalo blue and turquoise and inks in red and orange. Small canvases were varnished ready for the gallery. I also brought out the sparkle for the latest Powertex posts and shared some favourite festive creations. Find out more about using metallic pigments with your Powertex art and crafts.

At the gallery

New acrylic paintings were added to the gallery in November in time for Clarkes of Sussex to celebrate their birthday! New 10″ and 5″ square canvases were added to the display. Three new pieces feature the same palette of pthalo blues and indigo. I introduced four new art pieces in a warmer palette of sunset reds and yellows. These paintings are available at Clarkes of Sussex in Bond Street, Brighton, UK.

Deep blue acrylic painting of abstract seascape

“Spring tide” by Kore Sage

I had to play around with the transparent layers a long time before I got results that I liked in the warmer paintings. The acrylic inks in these colours are very transparent which is beautiful. But it can get muddy and the layers can quickly blend into a mess. It helped to add some opaque layers with white acrylic ink. Some glazes at the end added a warm glow and pulled the layers together.

Yellow and red abstract acrylic painting

I painted around the edges of the deep edge canvases as I did before. It feels like having extra pages to tell the story.

Side view of red and orange acrylic abstract painting

Using metallic pigments with Powertex

It’s the time of year when adding a bit of sparkle can help lift my spirits and get me in a festive mood. I’m not a big fan of glittery and sparkly at any other time of the year! But when making decorations or gifts metallic and pearl pigments are a beautiful addition to crafts. It’s a chance for me to add some gorgeous metallic violet which is luscious. If you prefer something simple and elegant I highly recommend the Bronze Gold Colortricx pigment from Powertex. It’s a lovely warm gold which looks great on a Bronze or Black Powertex base layer.

Black and Gold Powertex Tumblers

These pigments are all available in powder form. This might not be something you’ve used before but I love the benefit of making my own paint depending on how fluid I want it. I mix the powders with Easy Varnish for a hard-wearing and weatherproof paint. This protects the colours from UV light too. It’s on my list to write a blog about the powder pigments too! It’s made up in small amounts as I go so there’s little waste too. Watch the video below to see how this works!

Christmas and holiday creations with Powertex

I’m sharing some sparkly decoration ideas over on my Powertex with Kore Instagram. From tree decorations to wine glasses and garden ornaments, there’s no end to what you could create. Choose your favourite metallic or pearl colours and use them to highlight the textures in your Powertex creation.

I’ve tended to stick to decorating glasses and tree decorations in a variety of themes. Here’s a short timelapse of me adding the metallic pigments to some paper maché tree decorations. These were painted with Black Powertex first, given a coat of Stone Art for texture and then coated with Black Powertex again. Note they must be touch dry before adding the pigments.

There’s still time to get your creations made in time for the holidays although it’s worth remembering that projects for outdoors need three weeks to cure before they are weatherproof. I have a blog about this if you’d like to know more about using Powertex for outdoor creations.

Powertex workshops

My workshops are on hold but my written tutorials are still in my Etsy shop and you can find lots of tips in this blog and at Powertex With Kore on Instagram. I’ll keep you updated if this situation changes.

From my art table in November until next month,

Kore x

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