On the July art table I worked in a handmade book, finished some paintings on paper and took part in a community mural project. I also reflected on my Powertex workshops.

Art journaling in a handmade book

I got inspired by art journals and sketchbooks on YouTube this month and had a go at a handmade book. The book was created from large sheets of watercolour paper. Then I collaged random papers and painted in some base colours. This whole book was a bit of an experiment, the pages aren’t straight and the glue I used for the collage is not permanent but I’m excited about how’s it’s working out!

The cover was created with gel prints on tissue paper that were layered up and I’m really pleased with how it looks.

Handmade book cover using gelli print on the July art table

I really like adding in copies of my own sketches and drawings too. I glue them in and then paint and draw over them. This spread needs some calming down but it’s coming together.

Handmade art journal pages using sketches

Curious Tales on paper

The Curious Tales series came to an end with nine pieces on paper. These small paintings used the same palette of turquoise and purples with loose marks and tiny details. I wanted to create some small art on paper that could be sold online rather than in the gallery.

Art on paper in a white mount on the art table for the July release

I’ve loved creating this series and the last paintings will be going online for sale in the coming days.

Joining a community mural project

The local art shop and gallery where I display some of my paintings has a mural wall at the side of the shop. Street art is a frequent sight in Brighton and many business prefer to have a mural painted rather than the tagging that appears. So when Clarkes of Sussex asked me if I like to join in with painting this year’s mural I was excited although a bit nervous to have a go.

Mural painting at Clarkes in July 2021

I’ve never painted on a wall before and the uneven texture and the fast drying paint were a bit of a challenge! Once I got used to that it was fantastic! It was so relaxing to be painting outside on a sunny day and chatting with the other artists and people who stopped to see what we were doing. The theme was butterflies this year, chosen as a symbol of hope where artists could all add their unique style.

Orange and blue butterfly painted onto a wall mural

An update on Powertex workshops

This month I’ve had to make the difficult decision to postpone any Powertex workshops indefinitely. I used to love my one-to-one workshops, taking my case of supplies to someone else’s art table and creating with them for a couple of hours. This worked well for me as finding affordable and accessible venues in the city is so difficult. Even the venues that had offered space early last year are now not suitable and one has even closed for good. I live in a small top floor flat in the city and running classes in my home is not workable or preferable. It’s always been a challenge but lately I’m struggling to see a way through.

I’m happy to see other Powertex tutors in the UK finding ways to get back out there sharing their love of Powertex and I would encourage you to find them on Facebook or via Powertex UK.

For now, my written tutorials are still in my Etsy shop and I’ll keep you updated if this situation changes.

From my art table in July, until next month,

Kore x

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