January 2021 at the art table – or not

Moving into 2021

My art table notes for January 2021 reflect on moving slowly into a new year with a creative break, a book of creative coaching advice and creating a new Powertex guide.

Did you make big plans at the start of the year? I’m usually big on planning and setting out my ideas but decided to take a slow approach. With uncertainty still hanging in the air and the huge level of adapting required last year I wanted to keep things flexible too. I spent some time just writing notes in my journal on dark evenings with the tv on low.

I’ll be honest, in January the art table was mostly ignored. Still waiting for the completion of electrical work at home combined with low light and low energy I felt little enjoyment in my art. When you feel stuck or in a creative rut what do you do? Do you push through and create something anyway, even if it’s terrible? I’ve always relied on this in the past, to just keep going until something sparks and I’m back on a path I enjoy. I played with my supplies but nothing felt good so acceptance that I was taking a break from making art was the only way this month. (Although I’m happy to report that in the last couple of days ideas are beginning to spark!)

Word for the year

Last week I settled on a word for the year and began to journal ideas and hopes for “that would be perfect” moments. It’s been a struggle to picture a future sometimes so this feels like a positive step. However I’m being gentle with myself. The British winter can be long and grey and I needed a grateful approach to balance some bigger dreams. Especially when plans and hopes may still be shifted at a moments notice.

I received news that the Adur Art Trail for June is potentially going to be replaced with an online alternative. This reminder to be open to changes felt important. So I chose my word for 2021, Open. I’ll share more about this in my newsletter.

In the sketchbook

The sketchbooks were packed away until later in the month but they came out again this week. Rather than creating my own art I printed out some favourites by other artists and made some notes about things I liked.

I also listened to a podcast with Laura Horn about her sketchbook practice. Hearing about someone else’s  struggles can be reassuring when I’m feeling stuck.

Sketchbook and creativity book on table for January art table notes

Powertex art

This month was all about Stone Art after I discovered some older Stone Art pieces in my December clear up. I shared a few of these projects in my Powertex with Kore Instagram and even sprinkled a bit about for a little video. A couple of older Powertex pieces found a new home which was a confidence boost I needed too. My Quick Guide to Stone Art is in the Etsy shop if you’re new to this lovely dry medium and want to know more before you dive in!Powertex How to craft with Stone Art January Powertex guide

On the bookshelf

Coaching the Artist Within by Eric Maisel is easy to dip into. I love the examples he gives, advising creative people with a variety of challenges. While I’m feeling quite stuck, it’s good to know I’m not alone and that I can find a way through. What do you do when your creative mojo takes a break?

Until next month from my art table,

Kore x

P.S. If you’re feeling stuck with your Powertex you might find some inspiration with my free guides. Download project ideas, a quick guide to Bister or What is Powertex? There’s a new Powertex product guide in that last one that might encourage you to try something new.

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