On the August art table, progress is made in the handmade book and inspires me to make a dream a reality. The seeds of new work are planted as I’m invited to stay at the gallery in Brighton. And I reflect on colour mixing with Powertex and acrylic.

At the gallery

I’m excited to announce that I have been invited to stay at the local art shop gallery until January. This is a huge deal for me. In 2020 a lot of my creative connections fell away, from Powertex workshops to open houses. None of these have been restored in substantial ways in recent months. The invitation to stay at the gallery not only gives me a precious pre-Christmas slot but keeps me connected to the local art scene. I’m very grateful for that.

For September the Curious Tales series will continue to be available but refreshed. Three framed pieces, Blossom, Budding and Flourish, are heading to the gallery this week and they look great together. I’ll get some photos this coming week to pop in the newsletter. Then in October new work will go up. More on that later.

Mixed media art on paper in a white mount 2021

Art journaling in a handmade book

The small handmade book on my table has been through some experiments! The book itself is experiments and things that went wrong and mistakes that got tidied up. It’s a mish-mash of techniques and ideas gathered from YouTube tutorials of glue books and Instagram reels of collage and handmade books.

Handmade book and art journal August by Kore Sage

I’ve been working on a few spreads, looking at different ways to integrate text and writing. It became clear quite quickly that I’d been concentrating so much on the art that the writing had become an afterthought to add at the end. This approach was not going to work for the writing I had intended to include. It needed to be added into the layers much earlier. I’ve muddles along so far in these pages but the next book will have a different process to allow for this.

Handmade art journal book adding text

But slowly it’s coming together into something much more than I imagined. I’m exploring artists books beyond the messy mistakes and personal pages into something I want to hold in my hands and share with others.

There’s a lot of value in my old art journals that hold private pages and scrawled memories and I treasure them but this is going to become something different. This is the starting point for a book where the art and the writing become something relatable and the words connect with others.

There are only 16 spreads in it so I have far to go but already I can picture an art zine developing from this work. I’m posting the progress of the spreads on my Instagram account, so join me over there if you’d like to see more.

Colour mixing with acrylic and Powertex

Colour mixing came up a couple of times this month. I mixed up some swatches of colours for some new work. I started with some Pthalo blue, Burnt sienna and Magenta and painted some papers. The limited palette is something I picked up on the Creative Visionary Programme. I often make art without mixing a lot of paint, I just love juicy saturated colours. I’d like to get better at using mixes though.

Colour mixing swatches for new work August 2021

The new work is a bit darker for the Winter with deep blues and golds. I’m exploring how to develop the Curious Tales series and have held onto some of the colours and marks. They’ll be more news on this in September as I work out my ideas in my sketchbooks.

Mixing a rainbow colours with Powertex

I also reviewed a blog about mixing colours with Powertex. Many Powertex artists add colour with acrylics or pigments such as Powercolor. It’s what I’ve taught in my workshops. But using a coloured Powertex is a fantastic way to add bold colour. The colours are fully mixable and the purples are especially gorgeous. It’s a fun way to get creative with your Powertex stash. Read the blog about this here.

A reminder about Powertex workshops

I’m happy to see Powertex tutors in the UK finding ways to get back out there sharing their love of Powertex and I would encourage you to find them on Facebook or via Powertex UK.

For now, my workshops are on hold but my written tutorials are still in my Etsy shop and I’ll keep you updated if this situation changes.

From my art table in August, until next month,

Kore x

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