June 2021 at the Kore Sage Art table

On the June art table I’ve been painting for the Curious Tales series on canvases and paper and reflecting on the introduction of pinks and working on paper. I wrote a blog full of my favourite Powertex links and shared artists, makers and small businesses on my social media.

Curious Tales Mixed media art on canvas by Kore Sage June 2021

The Curious Tales series continues in Brighton

I’m grateful for a few sales from the local art shop and gallery that is displaying the Curious Tales series. Completing a few new mini canvases has taken small steady progress this month as large chunks of art time were not to be found. I’m pleased with the new paintings though.

Small paintings from the mixed media art Curious Tales series June 2021  by Kore Sage

I’ve decided to make three of these minis available to my Instagram followers before the others go to the gallery. They still need varnishing before they can go up for sale so keep an eye on my art Instagram.

The series uses a bright palette of ocean blues and purples and these new smalls make more of the light pinks. They still have a feeling of hope and connection but the light pinks have been a surprise. I’ve had a life-long aversion to pink and it’s fluffy, girly associations so to be adding these light pinks was unusual for me but in small amounts they lift the paintings out of those saturated blues.

New art on paper

Continuing the series I also have some small pieces on paper created while I wait for canvas stock. Working on paper is so different from the canvases. The texture is different and the paints and inks work differently. My process needed tweaking back to where these started. But I love how loose I can be with my mark making again and they have more energy as a result.

Also posting art overseas is just so prohibitive right now, (there are lots of reasons for this but costs are high) and paper pieces seemed to be a way to create something more postable! These pieces are a work in progress but I hope to have 10 pieces of 4″x4″ art for the Curious Tales series that can be posted anywhere! Again keep an eye on my art Instagram and newsletter if you’d like to see them when they are finished.

Mixed media art on paper by Kore Sage Art

In the sketchbook

The continuous line sketches of faces are filling up my A5 sketchbook. I’m over half way through the book and can’t wait to show when it’s filled up! I’ve noticed how some things keep repeating in the drawings. I might try to draw the eyes a different way but always come back to large, squarish iris shapes. I often draw a dominant left side to the face and leave the other for the imagination to fill in. Sometimes I resist the urge to scribble fast lines and draw with more intention only to find the face looks flat and expressionless. Here’s a glimpse, I hope to reveal the finished project next month.

Powertex art

Over on my Powertex Instagram account I’ve been sharing the work of some incredible artists and makers. Beyond the talents of trained tutors there are so many people creating extraordinary art and crafts. Leave a comment if you’re sharing your creations on Instagram and I haven’t found you yet!

I also wrote a blog this month listing my favourite Powertex online resources and links, from inspiration to supplies and instruction. They’ll be more to add to these such as my favourite social media accounts to follow and other products that I love. If you are looking for some fresh ideas maybe there’s something there for you. If you’re completely new to Powertex products find out more here.

From my art table in June 2021, until next month,

Kore x

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