I want to talk about something that came up for me this week. The artist, the crafter and the disappearing line between them. Am I an artist?

Do you ever compare yourself to people you admire and decide you’re not worthy of calling yourself an artist? Are artists the people who went to art school or sell huge paintings in galleries? Are you baffled by crafters who call themselves artists but actually they’re just doing what you do?

Are you an artist? Am I an artist?

This comes up for me a lot because I sit (mostly comfortably) on the border of art and craft. I paint, Powertex and yes, I make fairy houses. I love mixed media, I love to play with art and craft supplies and I always have way too many projects on the go! I am an artist and a crafter and a lot of the time they overlap so much you wouldn’t know the difference.

Why I’m an artist

I do think I’m an artist but it’s probably not for the reasons you think. It’s not because I have sold paintings or because I’ve had art in a gallery. It’s certainly not about going to art school because I didn’t.

I am an artist because every day I make art, I think about making art or if I can’t make art I get cranky and watch someone else making art.

Being and artist is about creating something that wasn't there before.

Being an artist is about creating something that wasn’t there before.

Why you’re an artist too

If you use your imagination to play and make stuff, then you too are an artist.

If you:

  • Think about making things… a lot (paintings, journal pages, sculptures, mixed media art etc.)
  • Make things from your imagination
  • Feel happy when you’re making things
  • Just want to play with making more things

then you too, are an artist.

More and more we see crafters and art journalers etc calling what they create “art”. Their creative, self expression is art. It’s personal and required them to learn some technique or skill and they created something new. This is wonderful because art isn’t for the elite anymore. We all have something to offer, something of value and something to give back to the world.

Next time you play with Powertex or start a new project, make something that wasn’t there before, something personal. It’s in you, you are creative, you are an artist and it’s time to let your art out.

If you would like to know more about Powertex Fabric Hardener, you might find this article helpful. You can see more of my artistic journey on Instagram or Facebook. I’m learning new things and experimenting with my supplies all the time.