The Adur Art Trail 2022 in Shoreham by Sea gets underway on Saturday 28th May 2022. Have you picked up your brochure and map yet?

On the Art Trail in Shoreham by Sea

I’m excited to be sharing my art work at Sky Blue Pink in Shoreham High Street again. It’s the perfect venue for displaying some coastal paintings as it opens up onto the river at the back. I can hardly believe it’s been four years since they last opened their door to visitors on the trail, it’s been a long wait. It’s also likely to be the last time.

There are several venues on this part of the trail including the popular Star Gap hosted by glass artist Chris Howitt, The Living Room and SOLD. There are three parts to the trail, all with some beautiful venues and wonderful art to discover. You can see the map here.

Sky Blue Pink

View from Sky Blue Pink Open House Adur Art Trail in Shoreham by Sea

Sky Blue Pink is a private home opened up for the Adur Art Trail. Enter the hidden door on the High Street (next to MAKO hair salon) to go down to a bright and welcoming flat that backs onto the River Adur. See two rooms of art and makes from local artists before stepping through the french doors into the riverside garden. The view is stunning from the footbridge to the east and across to the houseboats and along the river, the perfect place to stop for refreshments.

Kore Sage Art on display at Sky Blue Pink

There will be a small selection of recent and new work. As usual there will be the popular 10″ x 10″ square deep edge canvases. These affordable pieces are painted around the edge of the canvas and can be hung or stood thanks to the depth of the canvas. In addition to this a one-off mixed media painting on wooden panel is included in the display, framed and ready to hang. Also a rare tide clock, as I don’t make many of these. View the paintings for sale online at the Adur Art Trail website.

Blue acrylic wave painting 10" x 10" by Kore Sage for the Adur Art Trail 2022
Blue acrylic wave painting 10" x 10" by Kore Sage
Blue abstract acrylic painting 10" x 10" by Kore Sage

Alongside these I have a larger painting that was painted in 2020 but was never displayed. It has a fabulous energy in warm yellows and oranges.

Detail of an acrylic painting in yellows and oranges by Kore Sage for Adur Art Trail 2022

These small acrylic paintings were created specifically for the art trail. While they use the same palette as the deep blue series of twilight landscapes, they stand alone as unique coastal inspired paintings.

Blue abstract landscape 10" x 10" by Kore Sage
Blue abstract landscape 10" x 10" by Kore Sage for the Adur Art Trail 2022
Dark blue acrylic painting 10" x 10" by Kore Sage

You can also pick up greeting cards of the popular paintings and flip through my latest sketchbooks too. I hope to see you there.

When to visit the Adur Art Trail

The Adur Art Trail officially opens on Friday 27th May 2022. Sky Blue Pink is at 27 Shoreham High Street, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex.

Opening times are 11am – 5pm on

Saturday 28th-29th May 2022

Thursday 2nd-5th June (Sky Blue Pink and Star Gap will also open Thursday and Friday)

Saturday 11th-12th June

Come along and browse the art and ceramics, chat with the artists and enjoy the view. We’d love to meet you!