Add a rusty layer for a grungy mixed media art

Add real rust layer to your mixed media art with Powertex Rusty Powder. Powertex Bister and Rusty Powder are a great combination while creating lots of texture and atmosphere in your mixed media art. The rust colours and textures are easy to achieve with this guide to the rusty layer and in this art the blue Bister looks so good next to the rust colours.

Blue Bister and Rust art by Kore Sage from Rusty landscapes series

Mixing up Powertex Rusty Powder

Create a rusty paint with Powertex Universal Medium, Rusty Powder and White vinegar. The Powertex medium acts as an adhesive for the Rusty Powder and the vinegar will cause the rust to develop. Powertex 3D Sand is used to thicken the mixture. It’s possible to create a thick, textured paste with the sand that adds heavier textures.

I’ve been sharing how I created the layers in these pieces with my email subscribers and Facebook group members. I’m creating a step by step tutorial for this style but you can find basic video demonstrations in the group. Here’s a snippet of Part 3 that posted this week, mixing up the Rusty Powder.

In this art I’ve used Red and Mahogany Bister but use your favourite Bister colours to create art that you love and gets everyone asking how you made it!

Using Rusty Powder for a mixed media rust layer

You can find more video demonstrations in my new Powertex With Kore Facebook group where I’ll be posting more tips on making your own Powertex art. Here you can share your own art and ask questions about your favourite Powertex products. Grab a cuppa and come over and join us!

Create unique rust and Bister mixed media art

Find out more about creating Powertex art

If you would like to know more about using Powertex Universal Medium to create art, there’s lots of information here to get you started. Check out my free guides for beginners or if you’re looking for something more in depth, try my downloads in the Etsy shop.

Hop over to the Facebook group if you have any questions about using Rusty Powder in your Powertex art or come and share your own Powertex art, I’d love to see it!

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[…] The Powertex supplies have been waiting patiently this month for my attention. I get a lot of questions about how I use Rusty Powder in my art so I’ve added a new Rusty Powder Quick Guide to the Etsy store. ┬áThis one is a short introduction for beginners who are looking for a basic recipe and instruction as well as my tutor tips and tricks for using rust in your Powertex art. There’s also a Powertex rust and Bister blog here. […]

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